Reading and Research


College reading can be overwhelming. Here are some general tips to help you read effectively and efficiently.

1. Break reading assignment into smaller chunks (30-50 minute sessions),

2. Preview the section you are going to read; read headings and ask yourself, "What am I going to be learning about?" and "What do I already know about this?"

3. Turn your headings into questions, so you can give yourself something to look for while you are reading.

3. At the end of each paragraph or section, stop and summarize what you read in your own words.  Make note of the key information in the location as your lecture notes.  Fill in any lecture note gaps with your reading information.

Also-doing the proper research for writing and projects is critical to the validity of your material. Be sure to visit the GVSU Writing Center to assist you in the process!



Page last modified March 16, 2020