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pK-12 teachers, students, families, and the community are invited to participate in a new virtual learning series.

We are introducing Grand Morsels, a FREE virtual series communicating science concepts.  The name Grand Morsels was chosen to reflect our intent to break down (digest) large or difficult scientific topics into interesting and understandable bite-size morsels.

Each month during the academic year, GVSU faculty from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) will be sharing their expertise in an interesting and practical manner, hosted by the Regional Math and Science Center (RMSC).  The programs will be interactive with time for questions.

Presentations will take place the third Tuesday of each month during the academic year and last approximately 45 minutes.  SCECHs are available. Educators will receive .75 SCECH for each session attended and they will be awarded at the end of the semester.

Watch for upcoming Fall 2022 sessions!

Previous Presentations

#4: We are not alone - The Science behind Handwashing

Presented by Dr. Stephen Rybczynski, GVSU Department of Biology

Studies show that millions of Americans will get acute diarrhea this year.  If there was something you could do to significantly reduce your chances of falling ill, would you do it?  What if it also reduced your chance of getting a respiratory infection and took less than a minute?  Proper hand washing is a great way to help keep you and your family healthy.  Find out all about the microbes that live in, on, and around us, and learn why handwashing works, how to do it properly, and the pros and cons of hand sanitizer.

#3: Why fish don’t freeze, how soap works, and more: The Amazing Chemistry of Water

Presented by Dr. Deborah Herrington, GVSU Department of Chemistry, March 29, 2022

Water seems so mundane. It is something we come in contact with every day and has an exceptionally simple chemical make-up. And yet, from a chemical perspective, water is one of the most amazing and bizarre compounds around. This session will zoom down to the particle level and examine the molecular structure of water and explore how these simple molecules interact with one another and with other substances to explain the weird and wonderful properties of water.

#3 Presentation Recording

#2: Human impacts on the environment – the view from archaeology and the past

Presented by Dr. Elizabeth Arnold, Environmental Archaeologist, GVSU Department of Anthropology, February 22, 2022
Today, there is a lot of talk about our society facing significant challenges such as climate change, decline of biodiversity and the extinction of species. Archaeology is the study of human activity in the past and can provide a picture of human interaction with climate and the environment.
Environmental archaeologists examine plants, animals, soils and sediments to document past environments and climates. Knowing about these conditions can help archaeologists reconstruct what people did in the past. Archaeology can tell us how we arrived at our present day situation and help us search for solutions for the future.

#2 Presentation Recording

#1 - Talking Through the Air: The Science of Wireless Communication

Presented by Dr. Len O'Kelly, GVSU School of Communications, January 25, 2022
This session will look at the evolution and science behind something we depend on every day: broadcast transmissions. This is a look into how we get radio, television, and other information beamed to our homes. Explore how radio communication happens: how the human voice is sent through the air and heard hundreds of miles away – sometimes further! Learn how the technology that made radio evolved into television, satellite, and cellular signals.

#1 Presentation recording

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