Why You Should Buy A Group Exercise Pass

January 17, 2019

Why You Should Buy A Group Exercise Pass

By: Hien Nguyen

"As a two-year Group Exercise participant, I can’t figure out why you would NOT want to take advantage of the student benefits at GVSU. I am far from being athletic, but joining classes routinely has changed me physically and mentally.

1. It’s totally affordable, and you have access to over 50 classes each week for the entire semester.

Many of my friends don’t know that it’s only $30 a semester, and you can join any class you want. Looking up group fitness programs at other universities, a pass can easily double or triple that price.

2. Exercise your way out of your comfort zone.

Since your pass already pays for a full range of experiences, what would it hurt to try other classes? When I first joined Group Exercise, I thought I would stick to only one routine. Then, throughout the semester, I was introduced to a variety of classes I’ve never done before. Plus, I started feeling confident about my well-rounded approach to these new exercises. I have discovered what types of fitness work best for me and what don’t.

3. No thinking needed.

If you have ever tried to work out by yourself, you know the struggles of deciding what to do, especially since getting to the Rec already takes willpower. When those unmotivated days start showing up, Group Exercise classes are exactly what I need. I just need to pick a class that fits in my schedule, grab my backpack, and go! I don’t need come up with my workout plan. And did I mention good music!? No playlist I create on my own can compete with the songs in TurboKick. These songs manage to get me to jump, kick, and swat through 45 minutes of the most cardio-intensive classes, which is definitely impossible when I work out by myself.

4. Time for yourself.

While Group Exercise is a great way to meet new people or attend with friends, it’s also the time to unwind with yourself. Most of the time I go to classes by myself, and I’m not the only one that does that; many other participants come alone too. People don’t know each other, but they all come together through intentional movements and positive vibes, in a space without judgment and expectation. For me, there’s nothing more rewarding than 45 minutes in Slow Flow Yoga, just focusing on my breath, listening to my body, and knowing there’s nowhere else I need to be except with this time I set aside for myself."

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