Indoor Soccer Rules

Players and Substitutes

  1. 4 players are required to start a game.
  2. 6 players are allowed on the field (5+goalie).
    1. Co-Rec:  No more than 3 of each gender may be on the field at one time. 
  3. Substitutions will be made on the fly at mid field
    1. The player leaving the field must be off the field prior to the substitute entering the game.
      1. Penalty: direct free kick at midfield.
    2. Goalkeepers may only substitute during a stoppage in play.
    3. If the game is stopped due to an injured player, that player must leave the field and may not return until the next game stoppage.



  1. Teams are required to wear the shirt color selected by their team captain for all games.
    1. Goalkeepers must wear a different color than each team.
  2. Athletic clothing and shoes are required.
    1. It is recommended that all players wear shin guards. 
  3. The following is illegal:
    1. Jewelry
    2. Metal cleats
    3. Hats with bills
    4. Any item that constitutes a safety concern.
  4. If the game is stopped due to discovery of illegal equipment, then the illegally equipped player(s) shall be instructed to leave the field and may not return until the next legal substitution opportunity and the equipment is removed.
    1. Failure to remove illegal equipment is a yellow card.  


  1. A regulation game shall consist of two, 16 minute running clock halves.  
    1. Time is stopped for team timeouts, injuries and at official’s discretion.
    2. Time will be extend for a penalty kick awarded at the expiration of a half.
    3. Regular season games will end in a tie after regulation.
  2. Teams get one time out per game.
  3. The game will be ended by mercy rule if:
    1. A team is down 5 goals or more with 5 minutes left in the game

The Game

  1. The team winning the pregame coin toss will have the option to
    1. Kick off or select goal to defend.
    2. The other team gets the remaining option.
    3. Teams will switch goals after halftime and the team that does not kick off in the first half, will kick off to start the second half.
  2. Kickoffs may be taken in any direction. 
  3. No offside violations.
  4. No Slide Tackling
    1. Penalty: yellow card and direct free kick.

Fouls and Misconduct

  1. The following fouls result in a direct free kick
    1. Handling, holding, jumping, kicking, pushing, slide tackling, striking, tripping
  2. The following fouls result in an indirect free kick
    1. Playing in a dangerous manner, intentional obstruction, and unsportsmanlike conduct. 
  3. A player or bench personnel shall be cautioned (yellow card) for:
    1. Displays of dissent by word or action
    2. Use of vulgar or profane language
    3. Illegal equipment
    4. Failure to respect the required distance when play is restarted
    5. Slide tackling
    6. Unsporting conduct
    7. Committing a foul, attempting to deny an obvious goal-scoring opportunity, and the goal is scored.
  4. A player or bench personnel shall be disqualified (red card) for:
    1. Violent conduct or serious foul play.
    2. Taunting or using insulting, offensive or abusive language or gesture towards and opponent or official.
    3. Spitting at an opponent or game official
    4. Using insulting, offensive or abusive language or gesture
    5. Deliberate handling of the ball in the penalty area to prevent a goal from scoring.
    6. Committing a foul to deny an obvious goal-scoring opportunity and the goal is not scored.
    7. Receives a second caution in the same match.
  5. Note: The team will be required to play short-handed for the remainder of the match and the player is subject to suspension.

Goalkeeper Restrictions

  1. While inside their own penalty box, the goalkeeper has six seconds to release the ball back into play, starting immediately once they control the ball.
    1. Penalty: Indirect Free Kick
  2. Goalkeepers may not play a deliberate pass from a teammate or a throw in with their hands.
    1. Penalty: Indirect Free Kick
  3. The jersey of the goalkeeper shall be distinctly different from that of any teammate or opponent.
  4. The goalkeeper is no longer protected from an impeding player if the ball is put on the ground to be played.


  1. Overtime will only be played during the playoffs.
  2. After regulation, if the game is tied the following will be used to determine the winner:
    1. One-5 minute extra time period
    2. First goal wins (golden goal)
    3. If no team scores, a penalty shootout will be used to determine the winner
      1. 3 shot shootout
      2. Shooters must be selected from the players on the field at the end of the game.
        1. Co-Rec: one of each gender must shoot, but the order does not have to alternate.
      3. Team with most successful penalty kicks will be declared the winner.
      4. If after 3 shots, there is not winner, sudden death PK shots will be taken. Each of the players on the field must shoot before anyone shoots a second shot.

Page last modified January 18, 2023