RecWell Driver Approval Request 23-24

This form must be completed by Club Sports and Outdoor Adventures programs that will be traveling away from GVSU and GVSU associated rental/leased/practice facilities. Please complete this form completely and accurately. This form must be completed and approved prior to you driving on behalf of your GVSU program. 


  • All students/staff driving university-owned, rental or personal vehicles on behalf of Grand Valley State University must complete the following procedures.  Students must complete this process every academic year.  All permissions will expire at the end of the current academic year. 
  • All students/staff that are driving must review the 12–15 Passenger Driver Awareness presentation
  • All drivers are individually responsible for any traffic violations, tickets, etc., and will be expected to pay applicable fines. 
  • Drivers must follow all federal and state driving laws.
  • All drivers must be approved through this form.
  • Rental Vehicle Driving Ages
    • Students/staff 18-20 are ONLY permitted to drive sedans or mini-vans.
    • Students/staff 21-24 are ONLY permitted to drive sedans or mini-vans and 12 or 15 passenger vans (in-state/out-of-state).
    • Students/staff 25 and older are permitted to drive all vehicles including luxury vehicles, trucks, and out-of-state rentals.
  • This form collects all data for drivers to be cleared by the Department of Public Safety as an authorized driver. 
    • Out-of-state students must obtain a copy of their driving record from the state issuing their driver’s license. Out-of-State driving records must be submitted to DPS for review prior to permission to drive on behalf of GVSU through a separate form.
    • International licenses are not accepted, as they cannot be verified.
    • Students with 6 or more points or with special circumstances on their license will not be cleared to drive on behalf of GVSU.


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