Intramural Sports Official Employment Application - Winter 2024

Thank you for your interest in working with Recreation and Wellness as an Intramural Sports Official. Please fill out this application completely to be considered. Intramural sports officials are hired on an as-needed basis during the semester. For more information about the position, email [email protected].¬†

Initial review of applications will begin late November for the Winter 2024 semester. 

Please note that for on-campus employment, students must have all required paperwork, including a Federal I-9, a Federal W-4, and a Michigan W-4 completed and on file with the designated offices before they begin working. If you do not currently have those documents in your possession, you will want to get them! If you have worked an on-campus job previously, you have already completed the required paperwork. For additional information, please visit GVSU Student Employment website!

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