Phase 3: Draft Strategy and KPIs

Draft Strategy

Our commitment to you, the learner:  At Grand Valley, we help you develop your pathway and guide and support you in your choices. Your passion and curiosity spark our work, and we will learn from one another along the way. We’ll help you personalize your approach to determining your educational purpose, should you want or need that. Then, we’ll help you fulfill your dreams. It’s your path, your purpose, and your mission.

Our focus: We will serve as your guides, commit our expertise, and enrich your network through an active community valuing the development and exchange of knowledge, ideas, and expressions.

Strategy: Together we develop an educational pathway reflective of you and your unique experiences and passions. We accomplish this through cutting-edge programs, experiential learning, a foundation of liberal education, a relationship-rich community, and your personal network of mentors and advisors. Undergraduate students may need or expect additional high-touch advice, guidance, and opportunities to choose their pathway. Graduate students can rely on committed faculty to guide their research, projects, and realizing what’s next in their goals.

Our commitment to you, the learner: We integrate learning and experiences across your lifetime.

Our focus: From our first encounter with learners, we will strive to provide innovative curricular, co-curricular, and experiential learning opportunities. We will partner with you for the rest of your life on the growth of enhancement of your own knowledge and skills—the knowledge and skills you will employ in improving your communities.

Strategy: At GVSU, our approach to teaching and learning integrates liberal and professional education in both disciplinary and interdisciplinary ways, and is directly relevant to the worlds you will shape. Our faculty will model the passionate pursuit of lifetime learning through cutting-edge research, scholarship, and expression. We will pursue reciprocal relationships with alumni and community partners to create sustainable and supportive learning networks. Concurrently, our programs and educators will encourage students to generate ideas on how they can be entrepreneurial in their learning, especially in ways that enhance their communities and workplaces.

Our commitment to you, the learner: We create transformative equity and a sense of belonging.

Our focus: We embrace our role as a leader in impatiently advancing equity for all learners.

Strategy: Together, we ensure that our community serves as a catalyst towards a more just and sustainable world -- both on our campuses and beyond. We work to eliminate disparities and obstacles for student success, especially those that have historically been along lines of race, gender, class, and social structures.

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) seek to provide a focused understanding of important aspects of the work of the colleges and units. KPIs are:

  • Tools used to understand and measure success towards achieving goals. They are not goals unto themselves.
  • Intended to be easily understood and directly connected to strategic goals.
  • Meant to measure both efficiency and effectiveness.

The Strategic Management Team (SLT), composed of the President and the Vice Presidents who lead each university division, are charged with identifying those that need to be added for the university as a whole, as well as individual divisions.