Mission, Vision, and Values


Grand Valley State University is committed to ensuring the highest ethical and professional standards in scholarly endeavors, including respect for all participants and credit for all contributors. Training in Responsible Conduct of Research is a critical step in imparting best practice standards for GVSU faculty, staff and students as they shape their careers, professions, and society.


Grand Valley State University will engage in excellent Responsible Conduct of Research practices grounded in the principles of liberal education. GVSU will inspire undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff to become a community of life-long learners committed to ethical principles based on respect, beneficence and justice.



Faculty, staff and students will exhibit excellence in their conduct of research and scholarly activities. Excellence entails following best practices across disciplines in all aspects of scholarly activities such as design, conduct, collaboration, mentoring, and accurate reporting of results and contribution credits.


GVSU is committed to the liberal ideals of critical and imaginative inquiry and lifelong learning through instructing, involving, and mentoring the next generation of researchers, scholars and creative problem solvers. GVSU supports the ongoing development of the knowledge, skill and disposition related to the responsible conduct of research.


GVSU is committed to promoting collaboration among faculty, staff and students in scholarly activities across disciplines and between institutions. As a community, GVSU values the creative process that enhances scholarly excellence through sharing knowledge, learning, and building consensus. Collaboration promotes greater transparency and ethical decision making in scholarly activities.


An open and transparent process is indispensable to ensuring the highest quality of all scholarship activities at GVSU. Access to all relevant procedures and information facilitates accountability through effective review, replication and collaboration amongst broader communities of interest.


GVSU is committed to creating an environment that promotes responsible conduct of research by embracing standards of integrity, honesty, trustworthiness and lawfulness.


Responsible research is encouraged and guided by the research culture at GVSU. Those engaged in scholarship at GVSU are entrusted with certain responsibilities, such as 1) respect for human and animal subjects, community stakeholders, and the environment; 2) good stewardship of public and private resources; 3) appropriate acknowledgment of collaborators; and 4) responsible communication of research.

Page last modified April 12, 2016