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Radiation Emitting Devices

radiation emitting device

X-ray or gamma-emitting equipment must comply with Michigan Department of Community Health regulations and must meet the following guidelines for use:

1. Acquisition of radiation-emitting equipment requires authorization by the RSC.

2. If applicable, radiation-emitting equipment shall be registered with the State Health Division before being put into use. Registration will be arranged by the RSO.

3. Radiation-emitting equipment shall be inspected by the RSO after acquisition, relocation, modification, or repair. The equipment shall not be put into use until found to comply with all applicable State and University regulations. Equipment Owners are responsible for notifying the RSO of completion of any of the above activities and arranging for the survey.

4. Each approved operator and each person working with or near radiation-emitting equipment shall be given radiation safety training commensurate with the degree of hazard involved. Documentation shall be maintained by the equipment owner and copies sent to the RSO.

5. Radiation-emitting equipment shall be adequately secured against unauthorized use or relocation.