Nick Girimont

Nick Girimont

Nick Girimont graduated in December 2012 with a political science major and a criminal justice minor.

I am currently a 1L at MSU College of Law and will be working this upcoming summer as a (paid) law clerk at the Mike Morse Law Firm in Southfield, MI.  As my whole curriculum has pertained to the study of law, topics I learned in both of my Constitutional Law classes provided some nice background context as we studied cases Professor Richards touched upon.  Moreover, criminal justice as a minor has also provided some nice context regarding my criminal law course.  These small benefits are incredible for law school when any little help goes a very long way.  Any grasp of vocabulary is great as there are endless words and phrases to learn.  Learning to extract rules from the cases in Prof. Richards’ Con Law classes was also a great tool as it is a skill you must master as a 1L.

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