Rebekah Bakker

Rebekah Bakker

After graduating from GVSU with a B.S. in Political Science in 2007, Rebekah Bakker built her professional and leadership skills through positions in various nonprofit organizations, including the American Red Cross, the Holland Museum, Safe Haven Ministries, and the Greater Ottawa County United Way. These experiences prepared her for a leadership position with the Children’s Advocacy Center, where she was Director of Development and Diversity.  

In 2020, Rebekah decided to use these leadership skills in the for-profit sector. She is now Business Development Manager at Custer, Inc., a thriving West Michigan company that designs and builds commercial office environments. Rebekah was recently appointed to the Board of the Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce, and she also continues her work in the non-profit sector by volunteering her time and talents, including as Treasurer of the Board of Lighthouse Immigrant Advocates.

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Page last modified September 15, 2020