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Division of Inclusion and Equity

BOT 9.1 - 9.2

Policy Statement

Chapter 9 Division of Inclusion and Equity

9.1 Objectives

The objectives of the Division of Inclusion and Equity are to: coordinate and provide leadership and services to advance the University's mission, vision, and values related to inclusion, equity, and social justice, direct diversity planning and coordinate diversity programming for the University, and address equity issues and civil rights compliance in collaboration with other divisions and units. 

9.2 Offices

9.2.1  Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action

This office provides leadership for all facets of promoting and monitoring equal employment opportunity and the University's affirmative action program. The Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Office monitors the implementation of the Board of Trustee's Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Policy, develops educational programs on affirmative action and equal opportunity laws, policies, and procedures as well as issues of harassment and discrimination, and investigates and addresses related complaints. 

9.2.2  Disability Support Resources

This office promotes the full inclusion of individuals with disabilities, and supports the University's compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of the Department of Education. Its mission is to provide support resources and accommodations that enhance the environment for persons with disabilities, and help to educate the university community on disability issues. 

9.2.3   Title IX

The Title IX office is responsible for monitoring and oversight of overall implementation of the University's Title IX compliance, including the coordination of training, education, communication, and administration of procedures for addressing complaints of sexual discrimination, which is sexual harassment and sexual misconduct including sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking, for faculty, staff, students and other members of the University. 

9.2.4   Office of Multicultural Affairs

The mission of the Office of Multicultural Affairs is to support efforts in recruiting and retaining diverse students; to educate, engage and empower all students to live in a multicultural world; and to advocate for a socially just campus environment. This is accomplished in partnership with students, faculty, staff and community through the delivery of education, programs and services.

9.2.5    Gayle R. Davis Center for Women and Gender Equity

The mission of the Gayle R. Davis Center for Women and Gender Equity is to advocate for gender justice through education, engagement, and empowerment of women students and the greater GVSU community. This is accomplished in partnership with students, faculty, staff and community through the delivery of education, programs and services. 

9.2.6   Milton E. Ford LGBT Resource Center

The mission of the Milton E. Ford LGBT Resource Center is to educate, support and empower students to lead authentic lives, to challenge systems of gender and sexuality, and to work for social justice. This is accomplished in partnership with students, faculty, staff and community through the delivery of education, programs and services. 

9.2.7  Campus Interfaith Resources

Campus Interfaith Resources fosters understanding and engagement of the diverse religious, spiritual and secular identities of our students, faculty, staff and community through the delivery of education, programs, and services.  The office's purpose is to support individuals in developing integrated lives and to promote social justice by cultivating an inclusive campus climate that promotes interfaith engagement, dialogue, and understanding.

9.2.8  Sylvia and Richard Kaufman Interfaith Institute

The mission of the Sylvia and Richard Kaufman Interfaith Institute is to promote understanding and acceptance among all religious faiths and perspectives, in the community and on campuses.  This is accomplished through conferences, events, partnerships and relationships that bring people together to dialogue and learn mutual respect.

9.2.9  Pathways to College Office

The Pathways to College Office facilitates pre-college programming and outreach to prepare and inspire students from underrepresented and marginalized backgrounds to aspire to higher education.  The Office features programs and initiatives intended to assist students in developing college knowledge and removing barriers to allow for successful college entry by connecting them to campus and community resources.  The Office prioritizes matriculation to Grand Valley and, once at the University, helps students successfully transition to campus.

9.2.10  Veterans Upward Bound Program

Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) is a federally-funded, U.S. Department of Education TRIO program designed to motivate and assist eligible U.S. military veterans in the development of academic and other requisite skills necessary for acceptance and success in a program of postsecondary education of their choosing.  VUB at Grand Valley provides assessment and enhancement of basic skills through counseling, mentoring, tutoring and academic instruction in the core subject areas.  Participants have access to academic advisors, counselors, financial aid representatives, career specialists, programs available in Disability Support Resources, and the opportunity to participate in cultural and other activities outside of the classroom.  The primary goal of the program is to increase the rate at which participants enroll in and complete postsecondary education programs.