Welcome to Campus Interfaith Resources!

At GVSU, we seek to support and celebrate the religious, secular, and spiritual diversity of our campus. Campus Interfaith Resources exists to both accommodate the unique needs of various faith-based groups on campus while also proactively appreciating the richness of our diversity through educational and engaging programs.

As an outgrowth of the Kaufman Interfaith Institute’s long-standing community efforts, and grounded in the Division of Inclusion & Equity’s social justice mission, Campus Interfaith Resources was established in 2016 to meet campus needs of diverse students while promoting dialogue and service projects between individuals and traditions.

Brandon, Amina during reception with Eboo Patel

Sikh Gurdwara Lungar

Interfaith Interns w/ Simran Jeet Singh

Upcoming Event

Ask Me Anything with Religious, Spiritual and Secular Leaders

Division of Inclusion and Equity

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