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College Governance Policies

SG 1.04

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Policy Statement

College Governance Policies 

A.   Colleges and the University Libraries shall have governance policies.  The ECS/UAS Chair should be advised of any policy revisions, and the University Legal Counsel will be notified of the proposed changes for impact on the Board of Trustees Policies.

B.  Each college and unit must establish its own standards and criteria for evaluation at each rank and tenure. The Library must establish its own standards and criteria for evaluation. (See Board of Trustees Policies BOT 4.2.9)  The University Personnel Review Committee (See Shared Governance (SG 1.03)) will review any policy revisions before final approval by the Provost. 

C.  These governance policies and personnel standards and criteria must be consistent with the provisions of the Faculty Handbook Policies and Board of Trustees Policies. They should be accessible to faculty on each Dean's office web page and the Provost's Office web page.  Hard copies should be available at each Dean's office. 



Retitled from FH 2.03 to SG 1.04 on January 7, 2019