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Reassigned Time

SG 3.03

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Policy Statement

Reassigned Time

Other than faculty covered by Board of Trustees' Policies BOT, reassigned time is a reduction in a faculty member’s teaching load or, for regular library faculty, a temporary reassignment of normally assigned job expectations; the time that would be spent on teaching (or professional effectiveness for library regular faculty) is reassigned to accomplish some other task. Reassigned time can be for ongoing administrative work (e.g., reduction in teaching load for unit heads, university committee chairs, course coordinators, or some other clearly defined administration function), or it can be for a particular, limited purpose (e.g., reduction in teaching load for chairing a task force, working on a grant, or some other clearly defined task).  Credits of reassigned time from teaching should equate to the effort associated with both in-class and outside class work for a similar credit class.  Library regular faculty will negotiate reassigned time with the Dean of University Libraries.  In the annual Faculty Activity Report, every faculty member shall report on the achievements resulting from any allocated reassigned time.  Continued reassigned time is dependent upon demonstrated quality work.


November 20, 2019 - updated with GLEV recommendations

January 7, 2019 - retitled FH 3.02 C to SG 3.03

October 1, 2019 - Reassigned Time revised