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Travel Policy

SLT 6.18

Policy Statement

This document is designed to provide guidance to faculty and staff on University travel policies, regulations and procedures. These guidelines are in general terms and are not expected to cover every situation. For questions regarding policies, procedures or travel arrangements, call Procurement Services at 616-331-2280. For questions regarding travel and expense reimbursement, call the Accounting Office at 616-331-2203. 

Policy Statement for Travel and Expense Reimbursement

University travel is defined as traveling to conduct business on behalf of the University.  The following individuals are eligible for reimbursement of reasonable expenses while traveling on University business:

  • University Board of Trustees, faculty and staff employees.
  • Students in appropriate/approved circumstances and sponsored by a department.
  • Guests invited for lectures, consulting, interviews, recruiting, and other special occasions, or those requested to travel for the University as specified in a contractual arrangement.  For these circumstances, the sponsoring Division or Department will use Concur to submit the reimbursement for travel expenses.


Travel approval and reimbursement authority may be delegated by Executive Officers to supervisory individuals within their Division.  Delegation authority shall be in writing and updated annually.  It is the responsibility of each prospective traveler to secure the appropriate approval for University travel from their Supervisor, Director, Department Head, Dean, or Executive Officer.  Additional regulations may apply for travel associated with grant funding and international travel.

Supervisors, if designated, will have the authority to approve travel and expense reports for their direct reports up to $5,000.

Additional approval from an Appointing or Executive Officer may be required for exceptions to travel policies.

See the Travel and Expense Procedures for authorization details.

Travel Arrangements and Booking

Individual travel shall be booked via the Travel & Expense (T&E) system for reserving travel (air/lodging/rental cars).  The University Travel Agent can assist with bookings for multi-leg trips, group/sports travel, and international travel.

Guidance and procedures relating to transportation modes, including rental cars and use of personal vehicles, lodging, conference fees, etc. are outlined on the Business & Finance website.  See the Travel and Expense Procedures for details. 

Charging Expenses

University faculty and staff, if issued a University Purchase Card (P-Card), shall charge all business and business travel expenses to their P-card.  In the event a traveler does not have a P-card, the traveler may use a debit card issued to them through the Accounting office, request a Cash Advance through the Accounting office, or use personal funds/payment methods and request reimbursement.  Note: Cash advances will only be allowed when all other forms of payment have been explored and been found unfeasible.  See the Travel and Expense Procedures for details.


Meals, to the extent practicable, shall be charged to a University P-card.  The GSA Per Diem meal rate, by locality, will be applied to each purchase. If the GSA rate is exceeded for any one purchase, the traveler will be responsible for reimbursing the University for the difference. 

For authorized individuals only, alcohol may be purchased on the University P-card. See the Travel and Expense Procedures for further details regarding alcohol purchases.  

If dining with a University guest along with a group of GVSU employees as part of a valid business purpose, group meals shall be paid using the University P-card and will be reimbursed at the GSA rate, by locality, per person.  Exceptions to exceed the per diem rate must be approved by the Appointing Officer or Executive Officer.  A receipt(s) and all attendees must be input into Concur Reimbursement for group meal reimbursement. 

Expense Reimbursement/Reconciliation of P-Card

Expenses incurred on behalf of the University, whether through a P-Card or personal funds, must be approved by an individual’s authorized travel supervisor and submitted to the Business and Finance office through the University’s Travel and Expense system within 30 days of completion of travel.  Unreconciled charges may be charged to the traveler’s department FOAP and may result in suspension of P-card and cash advance abilities.


The University will permit the benefits of airline/hotel/rental car rewards programs derived from travel paid for by the University to accrue to the traveler.  This provision does not permit travelers to charge travel and booking arrangements with a personal method of payment when the University P-Card can be used.