This website is the authoritative location for policies approved by the University's Board of Trustees (formerly housed in the "Administrative Manual") and President's Cabinet (formerly housed in the "Grand Valley Manual") and certain other policies such as those contained in the Faculty Handbook and Student Code. Questions? Refer to the frequently asked questions page.

Board of Trustees (BOT)

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The Board of Trustees has adopted its general philosophies and policies of the University and provides guidance to the Administration in its development of operating policies and procedures.  The Board of Trustees' Bylaws contain the operating procedures of the Board. All additions, deletions, and revisions to the Bylaws and the policies of the Board may be made only with the approval of the Board.

President's Cabinet (PC)

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The President’s Cabinet reviews and approves policies that have University-wide applicability that are not in conflict with those policies approved by the Board of Trustees.  These policies are assigned to an administrative unit for oversight.

Faculty Handbook (FH)

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The Faculty Handbook provides policies, regulations, practices and expectations which prevail at Grand Valley State University. Faculty Governance deals with any academic issue or faculty concern, and makes recommendations to the Provost and/or the President.  

Faculty (FAC)

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A “regular” faculty member means a person in a regular teaching, research, or professional library position that is tenured or tenure track.  An “Adjunct” faculty member includes “Affiliate” and “Visiting” faculty, and part-time instructors (at any rank). Adjunct faculty are not eligible for nor do they accrue any credit toward academic tenure. 


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Employees who are appointed to non-faculty positions either as salaried (Administrative/Professional) or hourly.


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A person enrolled at the University as either an undergraduate or graduate student. 

Contractors & Vendors

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Individuals or businesses retained by the University to perform a specific service or provide equipment or supplies.

Campus Visitors

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People, including volunteers, who are not faculty, staff, students, contractors or vendors, who enter upon University owned or controlled property for the purpose of attending an event or authorized activity.

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