Math Professor Awarded NSF Grant

Math Professor Awarded NSF Grant

The National Science Foundation has awarded a $1,090,283 grant to researchers at Grand Valley State University, the University of Arkansas, University of Nevada Las Vegas and Brigham Young University. The three-year grant, titled Investigating Middle Grades Mathematics Teachers’ Curricular Reasoning, will fund the work of researchers to study how middle grades mathematics teachers plan and enact mathematics lessons from a variety of resources, including textbooks and supplemental materials. Dr. Lisa Kasmer, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education in the Department of Mathematics, will serve as a PI on the grant and lead the efforts at Grand Valley State University. Dr. Kasmer’s research focuses on the role of curriculum and standards in mathematics education. The three-year study will take researchers into 8th grade mathematics classrooms in the four states represented, as researchers look to study how teachers make curricular decisions and what factors influence these decisions. The grant is funded through the EHR Core Research (ECR): Fundamental Research in STEM Education division of the Directorate for Education & Human Resources division of NSF.

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Page last modified February 18, 2021