Elementary Spanish (K-8)
Students seeking an endorsement in Spanish elementary education complete the PCKET major for PK-3 and/or 3-6, the educational studies major, and the Spanish elementary minor. Completion of these programs certifies the student to teach Spanish and other content areas in a self-contained classroom in PK-3 and/or 3-6 (as either a specialist or in a Spanish immersion classroom).

Teachers certified to teach Spanish at the elementary level may teach in a variety of settings: an English-language classroom with a Spanish-speaking population, in a Spanish immersion classroom, or as a specialist teaching Spanish language in grades K-5 (K-6 in elementary schools that have grade 6), or Spanish only in grades 6-8. The programs at Grand Valley that lead to certification in elementary education with an endorsement (add-on certification) in Spanish provide:

  • content knowledge across all elementary subjects
  • proficiency in Spanish speaking, listening, reading, and writing
  • extensive knowledge and understanding of Spanish-speaking cultures
  • theoretical understanding of language learning
  • knowledge of effective teaching practices
  • the ability to communicate content knowledge
  • extensive field experiences teaching in both general education and Spanish immersion classrooms

If you choose the 3-6 Grade Band with this specialization, you are not required to take the 3 disciplinary concentrations. If you elect to add a specialization to your 3-6 Grade Band, you still have the option to take the disciplinary concentration courses, and are encouraged to do so, but it is not a requirement.

Page last modified March 18, 2021