Senior Spotlights


Kasey Wesley

I would advise someone who is new to this field to never stop learning. Some people think that once you get a degree, that's it and you're done. That's very limiting! Industries and safety are always changing and advancing.

Sam Miglieri '19

Shortly after I realized a career in engineering wasn�t for me, I found myself in Professor Huizen�s office hearing about the program and the different career opportunities within the OSH degree. I thought he was full of it initially, but he was spot on.

Larry Logsdon '86

Larry Logsdon was the first OSH student at Grand Valley State University, and was instrumental in development of the curriculum.  Now retired after working 34 years in the EHS field, Larry reflects on his time in industry.

Meghan Day '24

I really valued the opportunity to work closely with many different departments as well as the opportunity to work with a diverse works force with more than 15 different languages as I was able to gain insights from various perspectives. 

Jacob Joanis '24

Having the opportunity to go beyond theoretical situations, in the classroom, and applying methods to actual situations in the workplace was phenomenal to me!

Nicholas Stanley '24

I've had the opportunity to participate in internships in many different industries, from automotive research and development to manufacturing to the entertainment industry. 

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