Educational Objectives and Learning Outcomes

Program Educational Objectives

The Mission, Vision, and Core values of the Occupational Safety and Health Department has provided the basis for the program educational objectives of the graduates with the Bachelors of Science in Occupational Safety and Health Management.  Graduates of the Occupational Safety and Health program are expected within a few years of graduation to:

  1. Apply a broad educational background to effectively lead, influence, and achieve the OSH goals and objectives of their employers.
  2. Effectively communicate and collaborate inside a diverse work environment
  3. Work in an ethical and professional manner
  4. Engage in professional development to continue to grow throughout their careers.  

Student Outcomes

Graduates will have the ability to:

1.    An ability to identify, formulate, and solve broadly defined technical or scientific problems by applying knowledge of mathematics and science and/or technical topics to      areas relevant to the discipline.
2.    An ability to formulate or design a system, process, procedure or program to meet desired needs.
3.    An ability to develop and conduct experiments or test hypotheses, analyze and interpret data and use scientific judgment to draw conclusions.
4.    An ability to communicate effectively with a range of audiences.
5.    An ability to understand ethical and professional responsibilities and the impact of technical and/or scientific solutions in global, economic, environmental, and societal      contexts.
6.    An ability to function effectively on teams that establish goals, plan tasks, meet deadlines, and analyze risk and uncertainty.

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