Conversations of Color Dialogue Series

Conversations of Color are open and honest discussions about race, popular culture, identity, and current events. The goals of this ongoing series include:

  • To provide a space to hold difficult and challenging dialogue 
  • Provide context and clarity to issues happening in the world around us
  • To assist students in understanding the complex issues of identity and how they affect us as individuals and a campus community 

The discussions are expertly facilitated and ground rules set the stage for inclusive, fruitful and impactful discussions.

Previous Conversations of Color topics have included:

  • Intersectionality of Racial and Religious Identity
  • Charlottesville Incident
  • DACA
  • The Life and Death of Marsha P. Johnson
  • The NFL & #TakeAKnee Controversy 
  • Navigating GVSU as a Native American Student
  • Navigating GVSU as an African American Man
  • Islamophobia and the Paris Terrorist attacks of 2015
  • Amhad Mohammed, and the fear of Muslim terrorism
  • Police brutality against women: The case of Ben Fields of South Carolina
  • And more…

convos of color

Conversations of Color Fall 2018

Conversations of Color happen monthly and are scheduled on Wednesday from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm in the Office of Multicultural Affairs lobby, located at 1240 Kirkhof Center.  

The one and a half hour conversation includes:

  • Introduction of Facilitator 
  • Establish ground rules to create a "safer space" for dialogue
  • Shared information and context of topic
  • Prompt questions from facilitator to start dialogue
  • Shared learning among peers

Come join the conversation!

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