5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Current Chair

1.) Seat Height Too Low (knees above your waist) - Consider using a soft, evenly-filled cushion to sit on

2.) Seat Height Too High (knees below your waist) - Consider using a sturdy and flat foot rest

3.) Seat Pan is Too High (too much pressure on the back of your knee) - Consider placing a pillow or cushion between you and your back rest

4.) Lack of Lumbar Support - Consider placing a rolled up towel or lumbar roll to support the natural curve of your lower back

5.) Armrests too Hard (too much pressure on your elbows/forearms) - Consider wrapping your armrests with a towel

Lumbar Support Chair

Adjusting Your Current Chair

Chair Adjustment

Considering A New Chair:

What to Consider:

1.) Lumbar Support

2.) Armrests

3.) Seat Depth Adjustment

4.) Forward Tilt

5.) Seat Recline



Chair Features and Fit (PDF Linked Below)


Will Your New Chair Fit You? (Measurement PDF Attached Below)


Alternate Seating Options to Typical Ergonomic Chair (PDF Attached Below)



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