Frequently Asked Questions

I am experiencing physical pain or discomfort while in my work station. What do I do? 
Register with Disability Support ResourcesContact the office for a follow up meeting to review the next steps for assessing your work space. 

I am not experiencing physical pain or discomfort as a result of my work station but am interested in a professional assessment of my office furniture and set up
Complete the Ergonomic Assessment request form to set up an office assessment. 

What do I do if my chair or piece of office furniture is broken? 
Contact Facilities Customer Service at 331-3000 to report an issue or submit a work order here

How do I position myself to promote wellness while at work? 

Wellness at Work
Review 26 easy-to-follow wellness tips and recommendations—from encouraging chair adjustment, to moving at work, to supporting collaboration—that can help you work well and maintain wellness. 

Guide to Healthy Sitting
Points to remember for your health and comfort.  

Page last modified July 1, 2019