Links for Participants

Resources for Undergraduates in Mathematics (AMS site)

The American Mathematical Society has pulled together useful links for undergraduates, including graduate school information, semester programs, event information, and competitions. Please see

Mathematics Advanced Study Semesters (MASS)

MASS provides a comprehensive semester-long mathematical environment for students, seriously interested in pursuing a career in mathematics, selected from throughout the country and brought to Penn State's campus for a fall semester. Please see for more information about the program.

IGERT (Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship) Program

The IGERT program seeks to train PhD scientists and engineers with the interdisciplinary background and the technical, professional and personal skills needed to address the global questions of the future. Through the use of innovative curricula and internships, and by focusing on problem-centered training, these programs give their graduates the edge needed to become leaders in their chosen fields.

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