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What are SCECHs?

SCECHs are State Continuing Education Clock Hours: Professional development credits that can help you make progress towards renewing your certificate or licenses. Many more details are available at the Michigan Department of Education SCECH Program Webpage and GVSU's Professional Development page.

How to register for SCECHs

You can apply for SCECHs when registering for Math in Action. Check the appropriate box in the registration form to indicate that you wish to apply for SCECHs.

You will also need to enter your PIC number, provided by Michigan Department of Education, to be eligible.

When you do this, your application for SCECHs will be automatically filled out using the information provided in the registration form.

Eligibility, Limits, and Cost

You will earn 1 SCECH for each session that you attend for at least 60 minutes. Participants can earn 1 to 5 SCECHs at Math in Action (whole number units only).

To earn credit:

  • In-person participants. We will be logging SCECHs electronically this year. After each presentation, the MIA volunteer in that room will have a QR code for you to scan (or a link to a form) for you to log your attendance. You will need to do this for each presentation you attend. Please remember that you can earn up to 5 SCECHs for attending Math in Action (you must attend Brunch or one of the Lunch times - you cannot skip to get more SCECH credit). Please make sure you have your PIC number handy the day of the conference. You can find your PIC in several ways. The best option is to contact your school's human resources department. You can also find it by signing in to MOECS (Michigan Online Educator Certification System), at
  • Online participants must be logged in and attend the sessions with the Zoom account entered in the registration form. We will determine this using Zoom's attendance records.

Cost: Math in Action is covering your SCECH registration fee! So, SCECHs are available at no cost to you.

Page last modified February 22, 2023