Meet the Research Consultants

photo of Alaina

Alaina W.

Major: Biomedical Sciences, emphasis in premedical

Minor: Anthropology

Likes to work with...

  • APA 
  • Research papers
  • Narratives

Alaina W. is a senior in the Honors College studying biomedical sciences with premedical emphasis and anthropology as a minor. After graduation in the spring, she plans to get her Master of Public Health, specializing in epidemiology of maternal & child health. After earning her MPH, she plans to attend medical school, with the goal of working as an OB/GYN in underserved areas. She works nights at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital as a nursing technician and is a volunteer in the Meijer Heart Center Surgical ICU/Neuro ICU. She loves travelling and studied abroad in Ghana last summer for 7 weeks, where she completed her senior project by creating a Ghanaian-oriented children’s book on puberty and reproductive health. You’ll mostly likely catch her at the library working as a research consultant, working with the kiddos at the children’s hospital, or studying!

photo of Alex

Alex H.

Major: Behavioral Neuroscience; Communications

Likes to work with...

  • Psychology
  • Local history
  • City planning maps and architectural floor plans

Alex is a second-year student pursuing a career in the field of Psychiatric Medicine. He is interested in working with large populations and would one day like to work as a Public and Community Psychiatrist. Urban planning is a subject he is passionate about, which is why he is looking to impact the mental health of city communities. Alex is also a member of the Laker Marching Band and plays the Clarinet. He enjoys performing with the band, and two of his inspirations in instrumental music are Squidward and Lizzo. Alex is a first-year research consultant and is excited to help others learn about academic research while also learning more about it himself!

Breanna K.

Breanna K.

Major: Biomedical Science

Minor: Human Rights

Likes to work with...

  • Brainstorming Topics
  • WRT 150 students
  • Research in the sciences

Breanna is a senior at GVSU pursuing a Biomedical Science major and a minor in Human Rights. This is her third year as a research consultant at the Library Research Center. She is an Honors College student and also is a member of an organization called Camp Kesem on campus. When she is not working at the Knowledge Market (or working at a local daycare) she enjoys working out, eating macaroons (or any dessert really), spending time with friends, and reading. She cannot wait to see you at the Library Research Center!

Camryn L.

Camryn L.

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Likes to work with...

  • MLA
  • Scientific Research
  • Argumentative Papers

Camryn is a third-year Honors College student pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and this is her second year as a Research Consultant. She enjoys volunteering with the Lion’s Club, hanging out with her friends, and watching TV/movies (some of her favorites being Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and anything from the MCU). Camryn hopes to see you at the Knowledge Market this year!

photo of Ellie

Ellie Z.

Major: Statistics; English

Minor: Mathematics

Likes to work with...

  • Brainstorming ideas 
  • Generating search terms
  • MLA format

Ellie is a sophomore pursuing a double major in Statistics and English with a minor in Math. Although this is her first year as a research consultant, she is excited to help her fellow students with their research needs. Outside of work, she enjoys reading, spending time with friends, and watching children’s TV (weird, but relaxing). She is currently working towards two major goals: to find/drink the best chai latte in the U.S. and to be the best research consultant she can possibly be.

Emily B.

Emily B.

Major: Geography - Environmental and Global Development

Minor: Applied Statistics

Likes to work with...

  • Social sciences and global studies
  • Environmental studies and climate change
  • Southeast Asian studies
  • WRT 150 students
  • MLA citation style

Hello, my name is Emily and I’m a junior with a major in Geography and a minor in Applied Statistics. In my free time I love to travel to the beach, draw, and play volleyball. Before attending GVSU, I lived in Southeast Asia for five years, and I would love to help with any research topics about the region. I’ve also worked as an intern for the Climate Change Education Solutions Network at Grand Valley and enjoy working with climate change related topics. After graduating from GVSU, I plan to continue my studies into either population statistics or environmental restoration. I look forward to meeting with you at your consultation! 

photo of Emma

Emma H.

Major: Film and Video

Minors: Business; Marketing

Likes to work with…

  • MLA format
  • Journal Articles 

Emma is an Honors College senior in the Film and Video Major which hopes of one day working for Disney. When she is not filming, she can be found hanging out with her friends watching movies (of course). Her favorites include (500) Days of Summer, anything Disney, and all of the Harry Potter movies. As a Gryffindor, she loves to explore and experience new things whether this be food or traveling. She is excited to get to meet everyone!

photo of Erin

Erin R.

Majors: Behavioral Neuroscience; Cell & Molecular Biology

Likes to work with…

  • APA format and citations
  • Brainstorming research topics
  • Philosophy/ethics research 
  • Reading strategies

Erin is a fourth-year student in the Frederik Meijer Honors College and a third-year consultant. Her personal research journey has led her to study the genetics underlying methamphetamine addiction in mice. Outside of consulting and research, she finds joy in baking breads, playing tabletop games with friends, and petting soft animals of all varieties! After graduating, Erin hopes to serve as a mental health advocate and work in the field of psychiatry. She is excited to share her passion and help students bring their research ideas to life.

Francesca G.

Francesca G.

Majors: (graduate) Biology, M.S.; (undergraduate) Biology, B.S.

Minor: (undergraduate) Nonprofit Administration

Likes to work with…

  • APA
  • Science courses
  • Annotated bibliographies and literature reviews
  • All types of sources!

Francesca is a second-year graduate student pursuing her Master’s degree in Biology and has been a Research Consultant for five years. As you can see from her picture, she loves animals and focuses her research on the role zoos play in endangered species conservation using population genomics. She completed her undergraduate degree in Biology with a minor in Nonprofit Administration at GVSU in 2018 and was a member of the Frederik Meijer Honors College. In her free time, Francesca enjoys snuggling with her two kittens, spending time outdoors, and getting coffee with friends.

photo of Jane

Jane B.

Major: Cell and Molecular Biology

Minors: Psychology

Likes to work with...

  • MLA and APA
  • Writing 150 students
  • Research in STEM and the social sciences

Jane is a third-year student in the Honors College, majoring in Cell and Molecular Biology and minoring in Psychology.  She plans to use her experience as a research consultant in her future career as a genetic counselor.  When she’s not working at the library, Jane spends her time practicing viola at the PAC, watching Friends or The Office (for the millionth time), conducting genetic research downtown, or volunteering as a crisis counselor.  She also spends a decent amount of time missing her golden retriever, Mack, and her two cats, Captain and Steve.  Jane is so excited to help others with research this year while becoming a better researcher herself.

photo of Katherine

Katherine P.

Major: Public and Nonprofit Administration - emphasis in IT & Statistics

Likes to work with...

  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Generating search terms
  • MLA format

Katherine is a second-year student in the Honors College studying Public and Nonprofit Administration as well as Statistics. After her bachelor’s degree, she plans on earning a Master of Public Health degree. With that, she wants to work at a hospital doing epidemiology, studying the effectiveness of health care programs and how to improve them. She is especially interested in working with women and children, and persons with disabilities. In addition to being a research consultant, she is also a Crisis Text Line crisis counselor and loves talking about mental health. In her free time, she loves reading, knitting socks, crocheting blankets, and making handmade cards. She also enjoys playing board games with her friends and watching movies. She loves working with students and giving them the skills they need to perform research on their own, and empowering them to ask for help when needed. She also likes connecting them to other resources on campus that could potentially help them. 

Kristen T.

Kristen T.

Majors: Elementary Education, Group Social Studies

Likes to work with...

  • MLA Formatting
  • History Research Papers
  • Theory & Practice of Rights Honors students

Kristen T. is a sophomore in the Honors College studying to be an elementary school teacher, with an emphasis in group social studies. She finds the most happiness in peanut butter, Sunday morning golf, and her rapidly growing sock collection. When she is not at the Knowledge Market or in class, you can find her participating in CHAARG, shamelessly watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette, or taking a good nap. This is Kristen’s first year as a consultant and she is so excited to tackle all of your research needs!

photo of Kyle

Kyle B.

Majors: Economics

Minor: Sustainable Urban and Regional Planning 

Likes to work with... 

  • Social sciences
  • Research projects
  • Business students

Kyle B. is a senior studying Economics and Sustainable Urban and Regional Planning. He has completed research projects on the topics of monetary policy, alternative energy funding, and migration. After he graduates, Kyle hopes to get a job in a transportation planning setting.

photo of Natalie

Natalie L.

Majors: Occupational Therapy, M.S. (graduate); Psychology, B.S. (undergraduate)

Likes to work with...

  • Social sciences
  • Medical research
  • Government statistics
  • APA citation style

Natalie is a graduate student at GVSU studying Occupational Therapy and has been a Research Consultant for four years. She completed her undergraduate degree in psychology and was also involved in the Frederik Meijer Honors College. She spends her “free time” (time she should really be reading about occupational therapy) watching The Office reruns, listening to true crime podcasts, eating ice cream, or drinking copious amounts of iced coffee. She is a Slytherin, an ENFJ, and a Leslie Knope wannabe–you might see her leave clinical practice to run for a public office down the road. Natalie’s favorite part about working at the Library Research Center is seeing the students she works with get excited about their research!

Nick P.

Nick P.

Major: Behavioral Neuroscience

Likes to work with...

  • Brainstorming ideas with students
  • Talking about different ways to approach an idea or concept           
  • Showing people how to use Google as a tool for research

Nick is a senior at GVSU who is passionate about studying mental health and neuroscience. Nick is most interested in the physiological processes that shape our thoughts and personality. After graduation, Nick plans to pursue a postgraduate education in fields relating to mental health including possibly clinical psychology or psychiatry. In his free time, Nick enjoys looking for new music and playing video games to keep in touch with friends.

photo of Phoebe

Phoebe R.

Major: Global Studies and Social Impact

Minor: Applied Statistics

Likes to work with...

  • Afrocentric research
  • Chicago citations
  • Personal narratives

Phoebe is a third-year Honors College student and a first-year research consultant. She’s passionate about the intersection of international development and open data. When she’s not studying or working at the library, you’ll most likely find her buying her third iced coffee of the day at Tim Hortons. She loves reading, drawing, watching Netflix, and obsessively showing everyone pictures of her pet hedgehog. After graduation, she plans to take another gap year to travel and then return to the states for her master's degree. She’s excited to help students at all steps of their research process! 

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