Meet the Research Consultants

photo of Abby


Major: Biomedical science

Minor: Spanish

Likes to work with: 

  • Research on Biomedical Science, Public Health, and Psychology 
  • Integrative papers
  • APA format and citations

Abby is a second year Honors College Student and a first year Research Consultant. She is pursuing a degree in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Spanish. She is passionate about the Public Health field, specifically in topics such as Mental Health and LGBTQ community wellness. Abby is the Secretary of the LIFT club and plans to study abroad in Spain, pandemic permitting. She enjoys the horror genre, pretending she is a professional euchre player, and exercising. 

photo of Alex


Major: Behavioral Neuroscience; Communications

Likes to work with...

  • Psychology
  • Local history
  • City planning maps and architectural floor plans

Alex is a third-year student pursuing a career in the field of Psychiatric Medicine. He is interested in working with large populations and would one day like to work as a Public and Community Psychiatrist. Urban planning is a subject he is passionate about, which is why he is looking to impact the mental health of city communities. Alex is also a member of the Laker Marching Band and plays the Clarinet. He enjoys performing with the band, and two of his inspirations in instrumental music are Squidward and Lizzo. Alex is a second-year research consultant and is excited to help others learn about academic research while also learning more about it himself!

photo of Aubrey


Major: Anthropology

Minors: Biology; Applied Statistics 

Likes to work with...

  • Research Papers
  • Literature Reviews
  • APA
  • Social Sciences

Aubrey is a senior studying Anthropology with minors in Biology and Applied Statistics. When she’s not consulting, you can find her doing work in the anatomy labs or taking a walk through the arboretum. Aubrey enjoys reading, watching New Girl with her roommates, caring for her many houseplants, and playing with her rescue kitten. After graduation she plans to take a gap year and hopes to travel. Aubrey cannot wait to see you (virtually) to assist in all your research needs!    

photo of Audra


Majors: Secondary Education; Biology

Minor: Earth Science

Likes to work with...

  • APA format and citations
  • Brainstorming research topics
  • Generating search terms
  • Scientific research

Audra is a senior and a first-year research consultant, double majoring in Secondary Education and Biology, with an Earth Science minor. After graduation, she hopes to find a teaching job in a West Michigan school district due to her love of camping and hiking in the gorgeous Michigan outdoors. When not outside, Audra is either painting, snuggling her cat, re-watching The Office, attempting to be the female version of Andy Dwyer, or involved in planning events as the president of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) on campus. In the summers, she teaches science education summer camps with Van Andel Institute for Education. She can’t wait to see you in the Knowledge Market this year! 

photo of Camryn


Major:  Mechanical Engineering

Likes to work with...

  • MLA
  • Scientific Research
  • Argumentative Papers

Camryn is a fourth-year Honors College student pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and this is her third year as a Research Consultant. She enjoys volunteering with the Lion’s Club, baking/crafting, hanging out with her friends (and new pet cockatiel!), and watching TV/movies (some of her favorites being Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and anything from the MCU). Camryn hopes to see you at the Knowledge Market this year!

photo of Ellie


Majors: Statistics; English 

Minor: Mathematics 

Likes to work with... 

  • Brainstorming ideas 
  • Generating search terms
  • MLA format 

Ellie is a junior pursuing a double major in Statistics and English with a minor in Math. This is her second year as a consultant, and she is excited to help her fellow students with their research needs. Outside of work, Ellie enjoys reading, spending time with friends, and drinking tea. She is currently working towards two major goals: to find/drink the best chai latte in the U.S. and to read as much romantic fiction as possible.

Emily B.


Majors: Geography - Environmental and Global Development

Minor: Applied Statistics

Likes to work with...

  • Social Sciences/ Global Studies
  • Climate Change
  • Maps and Mapping Projects
  • WRT 150 students
  • APA and MLA citation style

Emily is a senior studying geography with a minor in applied statistics. This is her third year as a research consultant and second year as an undergraduate research assistant for the climate change education solutions network. She enjoys working with a variety of resource types ranging from journal articles to maps, and she can help with both MLA and APA citations. When she’s not working at the library, Emily enjoys taking care of her plants, working on her research project on dengue fever in South-East Asia, and baking new recipes. After she graduates Emily plans to further her studies into health geography and GIS.

photo of Erin


Majors: Behavioral Neuroscience; Cell and Molecular Biology

Likes to work with…

  • Literature reviews
  • Strategies for reading, understanding, and synthesizing scholarly articles
  • Understanding graphs, data tables, and statistics 
  • Research on ethics and biomedical sciences 
  • APA format and citations

Erin is a fourth-year consultant and a fifth-year undergraduate student. When she isn’t helping students at the Virtual Knowledge Market, Erin can often be found analyzing brain imaging data for her research internship with the University of Iowa. Outside of consulting and research, Erin finds joy in baking pies, playing tabletop games with friends, and petting soft animals of all varieties! After graduating this December, she hopes to pursue a career in psychiatry and continue her journey as a life-long mental health advocate. Going into her final semester as a consultant, Erin is excited to share her passion for information literacy and to help students bring their research ideas to life.

photo of Jane


Major: Cell and Molecular Biology

Minors: Psychology

Likes to work with...

  • MLA and APA
  • WRT 150 students
  • Research in STEM or the social sciences

Jane is a fourth-year student in the Honors College, majoring in Cell and Molecular Biology and minoring in Psychology. She plans to use her experience as a research consultant in her future career as a genetic counselor. When she’s not working at the library, Jane spends her time playing the viola, watching scary movies and playing board games with friends, conducting genetic research, or volunteering as a grief support group facilitator. She also spends a decent amount of time missing her golden retriever, Mack, and her two cats, Captain and Steve. Jane is so excited to help others with research this year while becoming a better researcher herself.

photo of Jenny


Major: Music Education

Minor: English

Likes to work with…

  • Argumentative papers
  • WRT 150 students
  • APA
  • MLA
  • Research in the social sciences

Jenny is a third year Music Education student in the Frederik Meijer Honors College and a first year research consultant. She can most often be found practicing violin, listening to music, or hanging out with friends. She has a dog named Toby and two cats, Pumpkin and Bijou. In the summer, Jenny is a counselor at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, where she enjoys spending time outside and working with kids. After graduation, she plans to become the director of a high school orchestra program. As a new consultant, Jenny is so excited to help other students become successful researchers!

photo of Jillian


Majors: Statistics; Economics 

Likes to work with… 

  • Data/graphs
  • Scientific Research 
  • MLA

Jillian is a third-year student in the Fredrick Meijer Honors College studying statistics and economics with a dream of being a sports statistician. This is her second year working for the Knowledge Market but first year working as a research consultant. She is excited to assist students with all their research needs and can assist in finding research to support arguments. When Jillian is not working in the Knowledge Market, she enjoys hanging with friends, playing intermural sports, including volleyball and basketball, and watching Netflix (don’t be afraid to give me suggestions of good shows). She also spends a lot of her time missing her two dogs, Bear and Allie, that are back home. 

photo of Juan


Major: Health Informatics and Bioinformatics, M.S. (graduate)

Likes to work with...

  • APA
  • Social Sciences 
  • History 
  • STEM

Juan is excited to be entering his first semester as a Knowledge Market Graduate Assistant. Juan is a first-year graduate student in the Health Informatics and Bioinformatics program. His academic interests are in new technologies applicable to the healthcare industry, specifically to develop new drugs and/or treatments. He hopes to one day work at hospital or clinic. His personal interests are running, painting, and a strong affinity for mechanical things.

photo of Katherine


Majors: Public and Nonprofit Administration; Statistics 

Likes to work with...

  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Generating search terms 
  • MLA format

I'm a second-year consultant and a first-year lead! I'm super excited to continue working with students on their assignments and helping students adapt to this new format. I adopted Livy from the Humane Society over the summer, so I'm not sure what breed she is. She looks just like a Rat Terrier except she's 2.5 times bigger than Rat Terriers tend to be ... so I call her my giant rat. In my free time, I love reading, knitting, baking, and watching sitcoms. After graduation, I hope to do data analysis for a nonprofit in Grand Rapids and eventually pursue my master's degree. 

photo of Kristen


Majors: Elementary Education; Group Social Studies

Likes to work with...

  • MLA & APA format
  • Education students 
  • Generating search terms

Kristen is a senior in the Honors College studying to be an elementary school teacher with an emphasis in Group Social Studies. Her dream is to teach in a fifth-grade classroom after graduation. She finds the most happiness in peanut butter, Sunday morning golf, and Halloween. When she is not working at the Knowledge Market or in class, you can find her reading a Stephen King novel, shamelessly watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette, or taking a good nap. This is Kristen’s third year as a research consultant, and she is so excited for her final year. 

photo of Meghan


Major: Geography

Minors: Applied Statistics and Computer Science

Likes to work with…

  • MLA format and citations
  • Exploring the databases
  • Environmental questions

This is Meghan’s first year working as a research consultant and her junior year at Grand Valley. This year, Meghan will often be found deep in Java code or math lecture notes. She is also president of the Beekeeper’s Club, so if you have any interest in the buzzing pollinators, let her know! In her free time, Meghan loves being with her roommates and friends down the hall, exercising, and getting too much bubble tea at the Downtown Market. Meghan is very excited to be back on campus and to work in the Knowledge Market this year. 

photo of Natalie


Majors: Occupational Therapy, M.S. (graduate); Psychology, B. S. (undergraduate)

Likes to work with...

  • Social science 
  • Medical research
  • Government statistics
  • APA citation style

Natalie is a graduate student at GVSU studying Occupational Therapy and has been a Research Consultant for five years. She completed her undergraduate degree in psychology and was also involved in the Frederik Meijer Honors College. She spends her “free time” (time she should really be reading about occupational therapy) watching The Office reruns, listening to true crime podcasts, eating ice cream, or drinking copious amounts of iced coffee. She is a Slytherin, an ENFJ, and a Leslie Knope wannabe–you might see her leave clinical practice to run for a public office down the road. Natalie’s favorite part about working at the Library Research Center is seeing the students she works with get excited about their research!

photo of Phoebe


Major: Global Studies and Social Impact

Minor: Applied Statistics

Likes to work with...

  • Afrocentric Research 
  • Chicago citations
  • Personal Narratives

Phoebe is a fourth-year Honors College student and a second-year research consultant. She’s passionate about the intersection of international development and open data. When she’s not studying or working at the library, you’ll most likely find her buying her third iced coffee of the day at Tim Hortons. She loves reading, drawing, watching Netflix, and being a mother to her cat. She’s excited to help students at all steps of their research process! 

photo of Sydney


Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders

Minor: Spanish

Likes to work with...

  • Brainstorming topics
  • Chicago format and citations
  • APA format and citations

Sydney is a junior in the Honors College majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders. She plans on studying Audiology in graduate school. Outside of school, Sydney is a member of NSSLHA, a student organization for aspiring speech-language pathologists and audiologists, and volunteers at a hospital downtown. She enjoys running, fishing, music, and is obsessed with coffee. Sydney is a first-year research consultant and is eager to work with students through all their research needs!  


photo of Victoria


Majors: Biomedical sciences; Management

Likes to work with...

  • Literature review
  • APA and MLA citations
  • Scholarly articles
  • Analyzing articles

Victoria is a Senior in the Frederik Meijer Honors College double majoring in biomedical sciences and management. This is her second year at GVSU and her first year as a research consultant. She plans on graduating the spring of 2023 and pursuing her doctorate in biomedical sciences. She is studying to become a medical researcher specializing in pharmaceutical and prothesis research. She loves traveling and did an environmental study in San Salvador, Bahamas in 2018, followed by a study of human bones in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2019. She is from Kansas but loves living in Michigan. She is excited to work with students in reaching their research goals.

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