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The Knowledge Market is a partnership between the Library Research Center, Digital Creator Lab, Writing Center, and Speech Lab. Belonging to three different colleges across the university, the key to our partnership is shared vision and active collaboration. For information about the Knowledge Market, please contact Jennifer Torreano, Director of the Knowledge Market.

Library Research Center

Jennifer Torreano

Jennifer Torreano

Jennifer Torreano (she/her) is the Director of the Knowledge Market for the Grand Valley State University Libraries. She earned her Master’s degree in higher education at GVSU. Jennifer is responsible for the Library Research Center and the coordination of the Knowledge Market, a collaborative partnership between the Library Research Center, Digital Creator Lab, Writing Center, and Speech Lab. Her research interests include peer learning, student development, and the intersections of cognitive bias and information literacy.

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Digital Creator Lab

Justin Melick

Justin has been at GVSU since 2014 and joined University Libraries in November 2023. He holds master’s degrees from Grand Valley State University in both Educational Technology and Adult and Higher Education. Prior to coming on board at GVSU, Justin taught social studies at the k-12 level. He has also serves as an adjunct faculty member in Grand Valley’s College of Education and Community Innovation since 2018, teaching and developing courses in Educational Technology. More recently, Justin has focused on finding new ways to support students and faculty in the development of their digital literacy so everyone can have the skills needed to operate in today’s civic and professional environments. 

Writing Center

Patrick Johnson

Patrick Johnson

Patrick Johnson is the full-time Director of the Fred Meijer Center for Writing and Michigan Authors. He earned his Master's degree in Rhetoric and Composition from Washington State University, followed by several years of work as a writing tutor, teacher, and Writing Center Coordinator. His scholarship and presentations have focused on small-group tutoring, program assessment, teaching, and tutor training. He enjoys movies, books, and games from any medium or genre, hates pickles, and has an inexplicable love of rain. 

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Meredith Fedewa

Meredith Fedewa

Meredith Fedewa is the Assistant Director of the Writing Center. She is responsible for developing and offering professional development and other training opportunities for writing consultants. Meredith received her bachelor's degree in English and secondary education from Grand Valley and recently completed a master's degree in English. Her current research interests include navigating self-care in an all online workspace and discovering new virtual methods of interactive online training. 

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Speech Lab

Isaac Simon

Isaac Simon

Isaac Simon is a Laker alum who has taught at Grand Valley since 2017. During his undergrad and graduate studies at GVSU, Isaac Simon served as a speaking consultant and graduate assistant with the GVSU Speech Lab and an ambassador for the Office for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship. He was also an S3 student scholar who conducted research on the effects of deception on memory. In addition to teaching, Isaac Simon currently serves as a coach for the GVSU Speech Team and the Interim Director of the Speech Lab.

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