Finding Sources

Finding sources is a vital step in completing academic assignments. Researching information about a topic informs your own ideas and lends credibility to your argument. The GVSU Library provides access to many kinds of sources both online and in print.

What Kinds of Sources are There?

​​​​​​​Types of Publications

  • Primary 
  • Secondary
  • Popular
  • Professional/Trade
  • Academic
  • Scholarly
  • Peer-reviewed or Refereed

Types of Content

  • Data Sets
  • Dissertations/Theses
  • Government Documents
  • Journal Articles
  • Magazine or Newspaper Articles
  • Web Resources
  • Works of Art

How Do I Find Them?

You can find sources by going online or using print sources in person, such as books or newspaper articles you would check out from the library. Use the keywords that you developed during the brainstorming process as your search terms.

Research Tip!

Cite your sources and take useful notes as you research using our Source Cover Sheet.

Meet with a Consultant

Have other questions? Research consultants can help! We specialize in brainstorming topics, finding sources, reading scholarly materials, and evaluating research. 

Stop by the Knowledge Market during open hours or make an appointment to talk with a research consultant.

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Page last modified September 7, 2022