Face Covering Policy

Published June 26, 2020. Changes will be considered based on CDC and public health guidance.

The use of face coverings, such as masks, are just one element in reducing the risk of COVID-19. They must be combined with social distancing, hand washing, self-assessments, and a requirement to stay home when ill (even with mild symptoms), to have our best opportunity to reduce risk. We are all responsible for keeping our campus safe.

Face coverings that cover the mouth and nose are required in indoor or outdoor spaces when unable to consistently maintain a distance of at least six feet from others, including classrooms and laboratories.

Face coverings are not required when:

  • In residence halls when in a personal room, suite or apartment.
  • In dining areas, when seated and dining.
  • In offices and other areas where six feet of social distancing can be maintained. 
  • Outdoors when social distancing is possible.

Additional considerations:

  • Those unable to wear a face covering due to a medical condition will be directed to Disability Support Services (DSR).
  • The university will provide two face coverings to each employee, and one to each enrolled student. Faculty, staff and students are responsible for laundering their face coverings and properly disposing of one-time use masks
  • Compliance will be facilitated primarily through proactive, ongoing education, communication, modeling and reduction of barriers.
  • As part of the education plan, the Division of Student Affairs is working with a group of student leaders to create a culture of safety, wellness, inclusivity, respect and accountability.
  • A toolkit which includes videos and articles about face coverings, advice to faculty, and frequently asked questions is available.
  • These protocols were developed by the Health Technical Advisory Group of the Incident Management Team through consultations with public health experts, six campus focus groups (three with faculty, two with staff, one with students), and the Senior Leadership Team.

Candice Cadena