Vaccine and Vaccination Information

Student Vaccine Video

“If I’ve already had COVID-19, why should I get the vaccine?” This is just one question GVSU students asked Dr. Habiba Hassouna, an infectious disease specialist at Spectrum Health. Get the answer to that question and more by watching the short video below. 

Widespread vaccination will allow us to adjust our response to COVID-19. Remember to report your vaccination in your online self-assessment.

  • To date, more than 75% of faculty and staff have received at least one dose of the vaccine.
  • Nearly 4,000 students have reported on their self-assessment that they have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

Dr. Habiba Hassouna from Spectrum Health, and other health experts, answered questions about COVID-19 vaccines during a town hall meeting on February 23, 2021, sponsored by the GVSU Virus Action Team. The full recording of the meeting is available here.

Getting Vaccinated

  • On April 5, all Michiganders age 16 and older became eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. You can register for an appointment through your health care provider, local health department, hospital or pharmacy.

  • The West Michigan Vaccine Clinic at DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, operated by Kent County, Spectrum Health and Mercy Health, in collaboration with Vaccinate West Michigan, operates by appointment only.
    • Most can now self-schedule online. To set up an appointment for those who are 16 or 17 years old, or those needing special assistance, call 833-755-0696.
    • While this is not a Grand Valley sponsored or operated event, it is likely one of your best opportunities to get a vaccine appointment quickly.
    • You don’t have to live in Kent County to schedule an appointment.
  • Remember to document receiving the vaccine on the daily self-assessment. Based on these reports, the data dashboard will be updated weekdays with cumulative vaccination counts.
  • Individuals who are vaccinated must continue to follow face covering and social distancing rules while on campus.

Vaccine FAQ

The State of Michigan has allocated COVID-19 vaccine specifically for students at colleges and universities across the state. Grand Valley will be receiving 1,700 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which has been approved for individuals 18 and older. Metro Health will lead distribution of the vaccine at a GVSU clinic on Friday, April 16 at the Fieldhouse on the Allendale Campus.

Priority Schedule: The GVSU Vaccine Ethics Task Force developed guidelines for a vaccination priority schedule for GVSU students, faculty and staff, guided by those with high-risk exposure. The vaccination priority schedule includes:


  • Campus Dining staff and student-workers (GVSU/contracted)
  • Residential Life: RAs and Living Center Directors
  • In-person laboratory faculty, staff, and student workers
  • Facilities Services and custodial staff (GVSU/contracted)


  • Information Technology and Incident Management Team
  • In-person faculty, staff, student-workers
  • On-campus residents (communal living centers)
  • On-campus residents (apartment-style living centers)
  • Near-campus (<1 mile) student residents (including Greek Life)
  • In-person students
  • President's Cabinet


  • All remaining campus community members

When vaccines or vaccination appointments are made available for distribution to Grand Valley community members, individuals will be invited in the order of the categories shown. Within each Group, individuals aged 40 years and older will be prioritized first. When the number of individuals in a category exceeds available supply, individuals will be selected randomly.

For student-designated vaccine opportunities (e.g., as supplied by the state to colleges and universities), the priority order for students alone is:

  • Campus Dining student-workers
  • Resident Assistants (RAs)
  • In-person laboratory student-workers
  • Other in-person student-workers
  • On-campus residents (communal living centers)
  • On-campus residents (apartment-style living centers)
  • Near-campus (<1 mile) student residents (including Greek Life)
  • Students with in-person classes
  • All remaining enrolled GVSU students


Once available, GVSU students, faculty, and staff may travel to campus to receive a vaccine. We encourage West Michigan residents to sign up now at Register | Vaccinate West Michigan to be notified when you are eligible to make an appointment for a vaccine. Others should consider signing up for updates within their local communities.

As of today, we anticipate that there will be vaccines available on campus throughout spring and summer sessions, based on need, capacity, etc.

Yes, you may register at more than one location. However, please only sign up for ONE vaccination appointment at one location when the opportunity arises, so that no thawed vaccine goes to waste.

Despite being vaccinated, you can still get COVID-19. After being fully vaccinated, you are less likely to have severe symptoms.

We encourage you to visit COVID-19 Vaccines | CDC for the most up-to-date information.

Currently GVSU does not have a mandate for the COVID-19 vaccine for the Fall semester. Our current focus is to encourage vaccinations and make them accessible on campus. We will continue to evaluate the idea of a mandate between now and the Fall semester. Additionally, we will continue to follow state and county health guidance and recommendations. Based off surveys we have conducted, our students, faculty and staff overwhelmingly wish to be vaccinated for COVID-19 or have self-reported they have already been vaccinated. We will stay vigilant to keep our community safe.

This page is maintained by GVSU's Virus Action Team (VAT). Navigate to the other VAT-administered pages using the buttons above. For questions, concerns, or to report a non-emergency health/safety issue, email us at  For general questions contact the Lakers Together Call Center: (616) 331-INFO (4636). For personal health questions, call the 24/7 GVSU COVID Health Line (833) 734-0020.