Core Electives

Students will complete two electives courses. Many of which are part of General Education issues, or may be in the student's major.

This approach allows for the "double-dipping" of courses to count for the student's issues or minor, allowing a student to make progress on completing both requirements with the same courses. Below is a list of approved elective courses. The core electives are organized into three categories. Students may select from any of the three categories, but are encouraged to think about how their own goals and interests align with those categories. They should choose electives that match those interests.

If you have a question about a specific course you do not see listed, please contact Dr. Joel Wendland at (616) 331-8192.

1. Business, profession, and leadership:

Electives will include courses that study multicultural and diversified workplaces and organizations, diversity in the professions, and multicultural leadership. For example:

ACC 330 International Accounting
CJ 482 Culture, Crime and Justice
ECO 349 Emerging Markets Issues
EDF 315 Diverse Perspectives in Education
ENS 201 Introduction to Environmental Studies and Sustainability
FIN 429 International Financial Management
GPY 335 Geographic Patterns-Global Development
LS 370 Women and the Law
MGT 355 The Diversified Workforce
MKT 359 Multinational Marketing
SPA 304 Spanish for Health Professionals
SPA 305 Spanish for Law Enforcement
PLS 283 Chinese Politics and US-China Relations

2. Culture, literatures, and identity:

Electives will include courses that study cultures, literatures, and identities of the world outside of the U.S. or the majority culture within the U.S. For example:

ANT 204 Peoples and Cultures of the World
ART 420 Asian Art
CHI 322 Classical Chinese Culture
CLA 325 Body, Gender, Sexuality in Antiquity (formerly CLA 320 Women in the Classical World)
EAS 201 East Asia in the Contemporary World
ENG 303 Studies in World Literature
FRE 312 Francophone Civilization
GER 312 Contemporary German Culture
GPY 354 Geography and Globalization of Asia
HST 211 History of Islamic Civilizations
HST 371 Historical Perspectives on Gender and Sexualities
REL 100 - Religions of the World
REL 306 - Hinduism and South Asian Religions
SPA 313 U.S. Latino/a Civilization and Culture
SOC 381 Class, Race, Gender, and Sexuality
SW 300 Pluralism in American Society

3. Communication, language, and discourse:

Electives will include courses that study languages, intercultural communication, and non-Western discourses. For example:

ARA 202 Intermediate Arabic II
CHI 202 Intermediate Chinese II
ENG 364 Sociolinguistics
FRE 202 Intermediate French II
GER 202 Intermediate German II
ITA 202 Intermediate Italian II
JPN 202 Intermediate Japanese II
RUS 202 Intermediate Russian II
SPA 202 Intermediate Spanish II
PHI 210 Eastern Philosophy
PHI 240 Middle Eastern Philosophy

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