Current Migration Stage: Welcome to Ultra Course View
20,791 students using Ultra Course View

in Winter 2024

5,487 courses in Ultra Course View

in Winter 2024

1,766 faculty using Ultra Course View

in Winter 2024

What the Migration Means for You

The Future is Now

Beginning in the Spring/Summer of 2023, all courses were created in the Ultra Course View.  The Ultra course experience focuses on the following:

  • Improved workflows and seamless transition between mobile devices and desktops.
  • An updated personalized interface that focuses on the learning process.
  • Embedded analytics help keep students informed about their progress and tells faculty quantitative stories about their students’ learning.
  • Dynamic and progressive adaptation through monthly Blackboard releases.

Year in Review & Next Steps

Although the migration is complete, we are maintaining this website as a model for other institutions moving to Bb Ultra. 

It was a dynamic year in 2023 as we transitioned to Bb Learn Ultra.   Discover the highlights of the past twelve months and gain insights into how our team will persistently assist the GV community in the upcoming semester. 

Contact your dedicated eLearning liaisons, and don't miss out on our engaging Winter 2024 Webinar series

Migrating Successfully

Remember the following:

An Ultra Course Tour

What does an Ultra course look like? What are some suggestions for how to organize materials in Ultra? Watch this video for some ideas!

Credit: Michael Reagan, MPNL / Stephanie Webber, eLearning

What Students Say about Bb Ultra

What Students Say about Bb Ultra

On December 5 and 6, 2023, over 2,000 donuts and cups of hot chocolate were distributed across the Health, Devos, and Allendale campuses to mark the transition to Bb Ultra. Overall, students expressed satisfaction with Ultra, highlighting its user-friendly navigation, the ability to view content without downloading, simplified assignment submissions, and mobile-friendly modern design.   


Meet our Ultra Champions!

Grand Valley faculty discuss the benefits of switching to Blackboard Ultra.

Hear from more Ultra Champions!

Get to Know Blackboard Learn Ultra

Training for Ultra Course View

General Purpose Ultra Training

Self-Paced Training
All faculty have been enrolled in a Blackboard site named "Blackboard Learn Ultra Self-Paced Training." You can use this site to become familiar with Ultra Course View at your own pace. Faculty can experiment in their Practice Test Course, or request an Ultra Course View template site.

Virtual Office Hours - How's your Gradebook Look?
Before the semester is too far underway, do you need help organizing your gradebook? Are your assignments all accounted for?  Are you using a weighted grading system?  Do your points match what you have in your syllabus?  

If the last semester left you with a lingering sense that your gradebook was not quite right, fear not – the eLearning team is ready to assist you in getting it sorted out.  We will be holding drop-in hours for questions and assistance during the following:

Consultation Requests
Each faculty member has two eLearning Liaisons assigned to their department.  You are welcome to request a consultation with an eLearning Technologies team member. 

Special Topics

Using Data in Learn Ultra

  • 2/5/24  12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • 2/15/24 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Holding every student accountable and identifying individuals who are falling behind is made easier in the Blackboard Learn Ultra experience. This webinar will focus on the data and analytics available throughout your Ultra Course and include an overview of Blackboard’s Assessment and Accreditation solution, EAC Visual Data. During the session, we’ll guide instructors through assignment analytics, student progress analytics, and course data that will allow you to measure and boost your students’ performance.

5 Steps for Course Design using Blackboard Ultra

Five Steps for Course Design using Bb Ultra
This series uses best practices in course design in the most time-efficient process possible. Each webinar will cover pedagogy and strategies, as well as plenty of examples on the following topics for designing and building your course.
This five-part series is offered via Zoom and scheduled once a month between 1 pm – 2 pm.

Step 1 Foundational Items                         1/23/24 
Step 2 Assessments                                   2/6/24
Step 3 Activities 10/31/23                           2/27/24
Step 4 Navigation 11/21/23                        3/19/24
Step 5 Tech Check 12/12/23                      4/16/24


Visit our eLearning Technologies webinar page to see a complete list of Blackboard Ultra training options. 

Watch short video tutorials about Ultra's main features on this video playlist.

Faculty can also browse our list of Ultra Knowledge Base articles.

See our Top 10 Bb Tools which compare Bb Classic vs Bb Ultra features.

Learn more about Anthology/Blackboard Sponsored Training

For historical information, check out our faculty FAQ page for more information about the migration timeline and previous approaches to training.

Ultra Base Navigation


Ultra Base Navigation
Join us in Zoom to learn about Ultra Base Navigation, its components, and how to adjust settings and notifications.
Instructors are encouraged to review our Ultra Base Navigation resources in our service portal.

More about Ultra

About the Migration

In Winter 2021, Grand Valley began a process of selecting a new learning management system (LMS). Ultimately the decision was made to migrate to Blackboard's Learn Ultra product.

Read a migration overview

Ultra Excitement!

On Friday February 3, 2023, eLearning Technologies held two in-person workshops devoted to Blackboard Ultra. Over 70 faculty and staff from across the university attended the events in the Kirkhof Center’s Pere Marquette room. On hand to lead one of the workshops and answer questions were representatives from Anthology, Blackboard's parent company.

Learn More

Ultra Transition Resources

The Michigan Blackboard User's Group has created this Ultra Transition website with resources to help make the transition smoother.  This site is geared toward other higher education institutions that are in the beginning stages of moving to Bb Ultra. 

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