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In an effort to provide more high impact practices across Grand Valley State University as well as addressing the growing needs within our university, the IT Innovation and Research team created a new initiative that started in the Fall 2022 semester called the Student Technology and INnovation Guild (STING).

What is a GUILD? A guild is a group of people with similar interests or pursuits.

What is STING? STING is a guild of 5 students working collaboratively to design and build emerging technology applications to solve pedagogical challenges.

STING’s goal is a two pronged approach:

  1. To address identified needs or opportunities at the university and solve them utilizing emerging technology and innovative solutions.
  2. To provide students with opportunities to create, learn, and grow utilizing project-based and challenge-based learning design processes - while leveraging new and emerging technologies.

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Recent Projects

Occupational Therapy VR App

Occupational Therapy VR Simulation

Correctly moving a patient is an important skillset for occupational therapy students, and the consequences for performing these movements incorrectly can be severe. To support occupational therapy students in learning the correct procedures for moving patients, we have partnered with faculty from the GVSU Occupational Science and Therapy program to create a VR simulation where students can practice moving a patient avatar. 

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As this initiative is emerging, please contact Hunter Bridwell, Emerging Technologies Coordinator for more information.

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