Innovation & Research

Innovation and Research is on mission to lead, coordinate, and facilitate the discovery and exploration of emerging and innovative solutions that lead to digital transformation (DX) across Information Technology at Grand Valley State University.


Navigating the complexities of continuous change requires dedication, agility, and experimentation to forge new paths as we adapt, discover big ideas, create new value streams, and bring them to scale. Facilitating the work in the area of innovation and research, is an ecosystem that includes the following elements in the landscape:


  • Monitor and track evolving trends, collect and curate targeted research, wicked problem identification, innovative investigation, ideation, design thinking, and novel solution generation.


  • A studio, designed to accelerate and incubate ideas, featuring future experimental, faculty/student-focused exploration to design the next generation of transformational teaching and learning spaces. (eXplore, eXperience, eXperiment)


  • Future planned space, designed to generate prototypes, and to invent the future, featuring fabrication, design, and digital production. 

Technology Showcase

  • Space to interact, discover, learn, and share how technology can transform teaching, learning, and research. The focus of this space is to encourage exploration and evaluation through exhibits. 


  • Events, summits, popups, meetups, hack-a-thons, make-a-thons, learn-a-thons, bootcamps, summer camps, startup weekends, are intended to engage, convene, inspire, influence, and ignite large audiences around theme/trend-based "Digital-EDU" activities, including collaboration with internal and external partnerships.
  • Connecting current students, faculty, staff, alumni, K-12, community, organizations, as well as local business and industry partnerships.

Innovation Ecosystem with Research, X Studio, X FabLab, Technology Showcase, and Events in a Pie Chart - Image content available on page

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Eric Kunnen

Eric Kunnen

Senior Director, IT Innovation & Research