Student Windows

To access your private drive on a lab computer sign in with your GVSU network credentials, and select your private drive folder on the desktop.

For access to lab computers off campus, you can visit:

Students can also access their saved files via
Login with your GVSU email address and password.
Here you can upload and download files to and from your private network storage drive.


We have expanded self-service options for students, faculty and staff to be able to reset your GVSU network account password.  Along with this enhancement, you will also be able to use your GVSU Network credentials when logging into Banner Self-Service (SSB) or Internet Native Banner (INB). This feature will be available for Banner SSB on January 15, 2018.  The Banner INB login using your network credentials will be released shortly thereafter, so look for the change!

To reset your network password, you will first need to provide a personal email address and/or a primary cell phone number in Banner SSB to receive a unique, secure code that will authorize you to make the change. 

  • Login to myBanner and on the Personal Information tab, under Addresses and Phones, add a Primary Cell Phone and/or under E-mail Addresses, add a Personal email.
  • For further details, check out this video tutorial .

Once you’ve successfully saved a personal email and/or cellular phone number in myBanner, you’ll be able to use the Password Reset tool.

Page last modified December 1, 2020