WiFi FAQ's

With more than 3,200 Wireless Access Points (APs) installed across campus, WiFi is available in most buildings and can accommodate thousands of wireless devices at any given time. GV-Student, GV-Faculty-StaffGV-Visitor, GV-GameNet, and eduroam are available anywhere there is wireless access.

GVSU is a participating institution providing eduroam network access on campus. Anyone from a participating institution can connect to these networks, facilitating productivity for visiting faculty and students while away from home, without any additional configuration to their computers or mobile devices.

Why Does my wireless connection seem fast at times and slow at others?

Wireless networking and the Internet are shared technologies — all devices connected to a wireless access point share the total speed of that one wireless access point. If someone is downloading a large file or streaming large amounts of video, everyone else using the same wireless access point may see a reduction in speed. Over the past 5 years the wireless network upgrades have tripled the number of access points across campus to minimize the number of devices connected to each access point. However, adding more AP’s doesn’t always fix the issue as there is more wireless contention with each additional AP.

Why is the GVSU wired network faster than the wireless network?

A wireless connection is shared across all the users on a specific access point. A wired connection is not shared in the same way. Wireless technology is also susceptible to many forms of interference and the network adapter drivers can cause complications.

What do I need to do to get my gaming or streaming media player online?

Wired devices can be connected to an active Ethernet port in housing buildings and will be connected right away. Wireless devices will need to be registered to connect to GV-GameNet. To register a device, click here

Page last modified November 17, 2019