Internship Fair

Internship Fair

What is an internship fair?

An internship fair is an event where various employers gather to provide information about their business and discuss the benefits of working or interning with their companies. More than 50 Michigan employers visit Grand Valley, once in the fall and once in the winter.

Career Fairs are great place to meet with employers, learn about available internships (which can be required for certain degrees), build your professional network, narrow your job search, and introduce you to a professional environment.

How can an internship fair help me find an internship?

Some of the benefits that internship fairs can provide include:

- Gaining an idea of what you want in an internship

- Meeting your potential employers in person 

- Improving your networking skills

- Receiving an internship or being hired as a full-time employee

Where can I learn about upcoming internships?

Grand Valley offers two internship fairs annually; one in the fall and one in the winter semester. Resources for finding upcoming internship fairs are available at the Career Center or online on the GVSU website.

Why should I go?

A GVSU Career Fair is a place for Grand Valley students and alumni of all majors to look for jobs and internships in a wide variety of fields. Around 200 employers attend and set up booths with their company’s information to give those who are interested.

How should I prepare?

Research the Company: On the GVSU career center website, under the career fair tab, you can find a list of the employers attending the specific fair you are going to. You should find what companies are offering jobs related to your studies before going, and focus mainly on those. Doing some research into the companies you are looking at helps you think of better questions and impresses employers.

What to bring: Print and bring multiple copies of your resume, a small notebook, and prepare 30 second introduction for employers. Include your name, year, major, and why you are interested in their company in your introduction. Don’t mention visa information. It is illegal to do so before an interview in the United States.

What to wear: Dress in business attire. No jeans, t-shirts, or tennis shoes, Men should wear a suit and tie, or dress slacks and a nice button up shirt with a tie. Women should wear a pantsuit, a nice sweater and dress pants or dress skirt, of a nice dress. If you would wear it to a business meeting, you should wear it to the Career Fair.


Dos and Don’ts:

Do speak clearly

Do be honest about your interest

Do ask questions and show enthusiasm

Do approach employers assertively

Do relate your questions to your company research


Don’t say “um” or “like”

Don’t mention visa information on resume or in your pitch

Don’t lean on employers to make conversation

Don’t turn in a cover letter with your resume

Don’t make spelling mistakes on your resume

Page last modified July 22, 2014