What is Integrated Science?

2017 Excellence-in-a-Discipline Award

Congratulations to Alyssa Dehn, the 2017 GVSU Excellence In A Discipline Award winner in Integrated Science!

The Integrated Science (ISCI) Program at Grand Valley State University provides K-12 teacher training in science education. We offer an Integrated Science Elementary major for K-8 certification, and an Integrated Science Secondary Endorsement for grades 6-12. We also advise the Secondary Science majors for 6-12 certification in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Physics

ISCI students learn content and pedagogy in science education through active learning in our ISCI course curriculum, and during authentic field, service learning and scholarship experiences. All faculty emphasize, and students are fully immersed in Michigan's K-12 Science Standards, which are based on the Next Generation Science Standards. Integrated Science faculty engage students in discipline-specific scholarly activity and research, leading to publication and presentation opportunities. ISCI faculty are well-published experts in the science disciplines, and have won numerous prestigious teaching and research awards. ISCI faculty regularly work with science teachers around the state in professional development and grant opportunities. Integrated Science alumni are highly valued by employers and have a high success rate in securing teaching positions. The ISCI Program at GVSU is dedicated to developing and supporting the highest quality K-12 science teachers and their classrooms.

MSTA faculty award

Congratulations to ISCI faculty member, Janet Vigna, named the 2017 MSTA College Science Teacher of the Year!

What Degrees Do We Offer?

Integrated Science, B.S. - certification grades K-8

The integrated science major is designed for students seeking certification to teach at the elementary school level. It provides the preservice teacher broad exposure in all the sciences and emphasizes the connections among the scientific disciplines, their relationship with technology, and their relevance to society.

Integrated Science Secondary Endorsement - certification grades 6-12

Students who have declared or completed a major and minor in a science discipline may complete additional courses to add the integrated science secondary endorsement to their teaching certificate. The endorsement, obtained upon completion of coursework in each of four science disciplines and passing the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) Integrated Science Test, will allow the holder to teach general science, as well as Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Physics courses at the secondary level (grades 6-12.)

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Hear from our Students . . .

"The integrated science program was exactly what I wanted. The courses were interesting and focused on inquiry-based learning. I learned a large number of hands-on, effective teaching strategies that I use in my current position as a 21st Century Site Coordinator at Hesperia Middle School. Through the integrated science program you also have the opportunity to work closely with faculty, developing and presenting science lessons, and even getting published!"

Dan Postema
Integrated Science Alumnus

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