What is Interprofessional Service-Learning?

Interprofessional service-learning is a form of experiential education in which two or more professions engage in activities that address human and community needs together with structured opportunities intentionally designed to promote active and reflective learning about, from, and with each other to enable collaboration and improve health outcomes.

Used with permission from Jacoby, B. (2015). Service-Learning Essentials: Questions, Answers, and Lessons Learned, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass; WHO 2010.

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Service-Learning Opportunities - IPE Office GVSU

At this time, we are able to offer:

  • In-Person Service-Learning
    • See below for a representative sample of in-person service learning that we have provided for students over the past few years. As always, we continue to develop new partnerships and offer new in-person opportunities.
    • Live service-learning often allows for a richer learning and more in-depth discussions
  • Student-Led Opportunities
    • See below for topics If you have ideas for a topic or program that you think would be valuable and is community-oriented, let us know! 

In-Person Service-Learning

Currently, there are no in-person service-learning opportunities due to Covid-19. Please stay tuned as we will update this section as opportunities start to become available again in 2021.

Student-Led Initiatives

We are also open to and would welcome student-led service-based learning initiatives. Some ideas may be found below, and if you are interested in putting together a project related to these topics or others, please email Julie Hall, IPE Progamming Coordinator at

  • Mindfulness & Wellness Training/Videos/Infographics
  • Stress Reduction videos/infographics
  • Telehealth Module (i.e. creating a successful telehealth session). This could be done on PowerPoint or other presentation software such as Prezi

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