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2021 Theme: Social Determinants of Health

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The 2021 theme for the Health Expo was "Social Determinants of Health" and provided an opportunity for health professional students to work together to produce interprofessional research-based poster presentation to be publicly shared and presented to other health expo participants.

The five Social Determinants of Health topics that groups chose from were:

1. Education Access and Quality

2. Health Care and Quality

3. Neighborhood and Built Environment

4. Social and Community Context

5. Economic Stability 

Live Presentations Day 1

Live Presentations Day 1

Live Presentations Day 2

Live Presentations Day 2

Team 1

Team Members

An Assessment of Barriers to Mental Health Treatment Among College Students and Recommendations for Improving Access and Availability


Emily Pokorski, Adrianna Kalabat, and Brandon Trop

Team 2

Team Members

High Quality Education and the Health of Adolescents

Kimberlee Elsess, Alexander Karasinski, Dontel McMurray, and Emma Padilla

Team 3

Team Members

Family Planning: Funded Birth Control Services and Support

Kayla Rymarz, Jieanna Wesolowski, Ethan Book, Lexi Fortenberry, and Nikole Manolios

Team 4

Team Members

Impact of Access to Cancer Prevention Information and Annual Cancer Screenings

Sydney Beck, Amalia Chowanic, Lynda Le, Katelyn Pham, and Caleb Story

Team 5

Team Members

Hispanic Immigrants in the U.S are Suffering Significantly from a Lack of Healthcare Access Compared to Non-Hispanic White Citizens

Brianne Nickel, Lora Bartnick, Alexis Brown, Rebecca Jones, and Gabriel Sidor 

Team 6

Team Members

Social Determinants of Health: Health Care Access and Quality

Christopher Allen, Cailyn Quinn, and Olivia Sonday

Team 7

Team Members

Impact of Health Care Access on Quality of Life

Grace Balog, Kaeley Hahn, Madison Pitcher, Abigail Setterington, and Carlicia Thompson 

Team 8

Team Members

The Relationship Between Head Protective Gear and Motorcycle Safety

Kayla Quinn, Brooke Bulanda, Issac Weir, Logan MacPhail, and Megan Mieske

Team 9

Team Members

The Effects of Early Literacy on Health Outcomes for Children

Hannah Vasquez, Valerie Allison, Hunter Myrick, and Rylee Welsh 

Team 10

Team Members

Pediatric Diabetes in Food Deserts

Vanessa Kholamian, Sienna Wight, Lexi Shepard, Giang Pham, and Marissa Karadsheh

Team 11

Team Members

Impact of Increased Accessibility to Chronic Illness Education on Rates of Type 2 Diabetes in Adults

Mae Dessureault, Michael Walter, Jared Farkas, Brendan Pollock, and Matt Rinaldi

Team 12

Team Members

The Impact of Income on Health Care Quality and Access in the United States

Christina Martinez, Michael Boyer, Taylor Hawthorne, Grace Scheffler, and Madison Arnold

Team 13

Team Members

Health Care Access and Quality: The Role of Telehealth in Rural Health Care Delivery

Alexandra Guerra, Maggie Carey, Autumn Espinoza, Alexis Soave, and Anastasia Ibanez

Team 14

Team Members

Impact of Lower-Income and Underserved Population on Quality Healthcare

Sophia Silverman, Hadley Clemens, Yisel Mora, Nicolas Harris, and Tiffany Woudstra

Team 15

Team Members

Impact of Unequal Resources and Accessibility to Health Care on Veterans

Alexis Prestel, Lauren Dillon, Hanna Honeycutt, Amanda McGregor, and Job Togom

Team 16

Team Members

Impact of Education on Quality and Access to Healthcare

Farrah Timmol, Hailey Baltosser, Monica Mitchenor, and Hannah Schotthoefer

Team 17

Team Members

Education Access and Quality: Better Education for All

Abigail VanDongen, Alyssa Misiak, Katelyn Bonhaus, Cody Kelly, and Isaac Dale

Team 18

Team Members

Access to Specialty Healthcare in Rural Areas in the United States

Joshua Clees, Gene Ward, Abby Pell, and Meg Guina

Team 19

Team Members

Lack of Affordable Health Care: Impact on Residents in Flint, Michigan

Joseph Reitano, Jessie Chapdelaine, Keaton Hegart, Nicholas Lone, and Katherine Rabine

Team 20

Team Members

The Effect of Education on Life Expectancy

Annie Dermody, Alexis Dimo, Ally Goerge, Courtney Grooms, and Haley Wnuk

Team 21

Team Members

Access to Care and the Maternal Health of African American Women

Karlee Dunson, LeighAnn Endres, Anne-Marie Kabat, Caitria Rawdon, and Christi Slater

Team 22

Team Members

Influence of Provider Burnout on Quality of Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Madison Siegrist, Shelby Kienast, Doris Daughrity, Haley Bauman, and Jonathan Korpi

Team 23

Team Members 

Culturally Competent Caregivers

Lindsey Staskiewicz, Gabrielle Carter, Madison Doty, Madeleine Haines, and Rylee Miller 

Team 24

Team Members

The Impacts of Underinsurance on American Adults Access to Healthcare

Nathaniel Saldanha, Brandy Wilson-Odom, and Sara Zarebski

Team 25

Team Members

The Relationship Between Geographic Location and Specialized Healthcare Access

Phelan Welch, Brittany Beradi, Trevor Dunn, Alexandra Lobbestael, Mykola Prisichenko

Team 26

Team Members

Does the level of education correlate with access to quality healthcare in the United States?

Sydney Toth, Amanda Beatty, Emma Kane, Clark Frick, and Amanda Spicer

Team 27

Team Members 

Impact of Socioeconomic Status: How Accessible is Healthcare? 

Kelci Bright, Taylor Hinson, Mackenzie Barber, Brynn Murdock, and Janelle Sharum 

Team 28

Team Members 

eduCREATING Quality and Accessible Healthcare

Gregory Goodwine, Garrett Ebenhoh, Olivia Barrett, Cade Vruggink, Vanessa Chuk, and Carly Sisoy

Team 29

Team Members 

The Impact of Health Care Barriers on Lower Socioeconomic Americans: The Journey Up

Holly Booth, Ciana Grove, Grace Hotchkiss, Mordan Zardus, and Arica Schwesinger

Team 30

Team Members 

Exacerbation of Heart Disease Due to Inaccessibility of Cardiovascular Care in Rural Communities

Jenna Carley, Grace Glemboski, Chase Robinson, and Rachael Szilagyi

Team 31

Team Members 

Exploring the Impact of Early and Adequate Prenatal Care

Ashley Franklyn, Brigette Bacalla, and Riley Bosanic

Team 32

Team Members

Social Determinants of Health Domain: How Healthcare Education Impacts Health Outcomes

Max Schaab, Tyler Burdette, and Kelli Nolan

Team 33

Team Members 

Economic Stability: Food Insecurity for College Students

Hailey Lintula, Megan Hicks, and Madelyn Thelen

Team 34

Team Members

Social Determinants of Health Domain: Neighborhood and Built Environment:
What makes a neighborhood healthy?

Kendra Terpsma, Alexis Staff, Rylie Hagerty, Amarilys Sandelis, and Ashley Erickson

Team 35

Team Members 

Influence of Socioeconomic Status on Access and Quality of Reproductive Healthcare

Jillian Bucaro, Abigail Francis, Nicole Keiser, Kerina Luark, and Alexis Bruxvoort

Team 36

Team Members 

Social Determinants of Health: Developmental Importance of Proper Nutrition in Children

Delaney Williams, Drew Uhlmeyer, Noah Vroegindewey, Emily Morrell, and Cecily Kuehnle

Team 37

Team Members 

Impact of Economic Stability on Nutritional Well-being

Grace Lepper, Stephanie Plant, Ryan Remus, and Madison Williams 

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