Welcome to GVSU Intern Housing 2022

Thank you for a great Summer Intern Housing Season in 2022. We housed over 260 interns on our Downtown and Grand Rapids campuses. We do have some Fall and Winter Intern Housing available for 2022-23. Please email Mike Ashcraft at [email protected] for further information.

GVSU Summer Intern Housing will be back in 2023. The period for our 2023 season will last 12 weeks from May 12 through August 5. There are currently no vacination requirements to stay in Intern Housing.

Our 2023 program details will be announced in the middle to late November and we will start taking applications in early January.

GVSU Intern Housing provides an affordable, safe environment for students who are completing an internship in the West Michigan Area. For the 2023 season, we will have intern housing available from 5/12/22 through 8/5/22. Intern Housing is available to students attending any institute of higher education. If you are a GVSU student seeking Spring/Summer housing follow this link to the GVSU Housing page.

Centrally located in downtown Grand Rapids, GVSU Intern Housing is the perfect place to stay while completing your internship. Winter and Secchia Halls are minutes from restaurants, movie theaters, breweries, shops, museums, and much more. Learn more about why Grand Rapids is a great place to be during the summer by visiting the Experience Our City page. We also have housing available on our Allendale Campus.

Single, Double, and limited Quad options are available on our Grand Rapids campus and Double options are available on the Allendale Campus. We maintain a list of interns seeking roommates, making it easy to find a roommate and share a unit. We have two options for single rooms for those who desire their own unit. 

Our rates are all inclusive. Aside from the $60.00 application fee the daily rate includes all utilities, cable TV, wireless internet, pre-paid laundry card and a parking spot. There is no security deposit required.

The application can be completed through our website after 1/10/22. Click on Apply for Intern Housing Tab or on the homepage. 


Contact GVSU Intern Housing:

T: (616) 331-5828

E: [email protected]

GVSU Intern Housing Address:

1 Campus Drive

Allendale, MI 49401

Winter Hall Summer Desk:

Monday–Friday 8am-8pm.

Saturday-Sunday 10am-4pm 

T: (616) 331-7600

Page last modified November 2, 2022