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Learn more about Grand Rapids, the local attractions and the events happening around the area.

The Rapid

Not sure how to get around the city? Let The Rapid help!

The More You Know

  • Grand Rapids is Michigan's 2nd largest city with over 1.3 million people. 
  • Founders Brewing Company is the World's 2nd Best Brewery.
  • You're never more than a few miles from a body of water in G.R.
  • The Grand Rapids LipDub was the first-ever city-wide lip dub video.
  • Grand Rapids was named the top U.S. travel destination for 2014.
  • The Grand Rapids metro area has more LEED-certified buildings (per capita) than any other U.S. city.
  •  President Gerald R. Ford grew up in Grand Rapids.

The West Michigan Experience

Grand Haven
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