Moving In/Out

Check-In Information

  • Check-in is from 8 a.m - 8 p.m. on your date of arrival at Winter Hall Downtown or the South Desk in Allendale. 
  • Bring a photo ID to check-in. 
  • You will receive your access card, brass key (if downtown) at check-in.
  • Within one week after arriving, please fill out the Intern Room Condition Report and return it to the residential front desk to avoid charges in your unit at the end of your stay.

Check-Out Information

You are required to complete the following steps and vacate your room by noon on your move out date.

Please return your space to good condition by cleaning and returning university furniture to its original layout. The space should be move-in ready for another student. To avoid charges, ensure the following:

  • All belongings must be removed from unit. Any items requiring removal by staff will result in additional charges.
  • All trash should be properly disposed.
  • All drawers, shelves, and cupboards must be emptied and wiped out.
  • All furniture and counter top surfaces should be wiped clean with a non-abrasive general all-purpose cleaner.
  • All floors should be swept/vacuumed.
  • Refrigerators/freezers must be emptied and wiped clean.
  • Ovens and stove tops should be cleaned thoroughly using a general all-purpose cleaner, degreaser or oven cleaner.
  • Walls, floor and fixtures of shower/tub should be thoroughly cleaned with a non-abrasive bathroom cleaner.
  • Toilet bowl and seat should be thoroughly cleaned with appropriate toilet/bathroom cleaner.
  • All walls should be wiped clean of any dust, spills, marks, etc.

Once all belongings are out of the room and you have completed the required cleaning, you are ready to check-out. 

Check-out is at noon. In order to check-out, stop by the Winter Hall or South Campus Front Desk and return your access card/brass key.


Staff will assess damage charges after you have checked out. Any items left after checkout will be disposed of and the residents will be billed accordingly.

Page last modified June 12, 2024