Abrahamic Reflections on Science and Religion: North Macedonia conference

Senior scholars at mosque

We held our 2nd workshop, June 17-21, 2018, in Ohrid, North Macedonia. It focused on the mid-project progress of the Junior Scholars. The workshop culminated a good year of working in and mentoring teams.

Silvia presentation

Dinner discussion

Although not required to attend, all of the Senior Scholars made a point to make it to help guide the projects in progress. This mid-point showed that the junior scholar projects are well begun if not yet half done.

Discussion on boat trip

Caner Taslaman

The workshop began with a winsome and informative introduction to Judaism and included talks on Islam and evolution, the problem of evil in the multiverse, providence and chance, and the nature of indeterminism and randomness.

Rana Dajani

Interfaith discussion

The group spent the entire week together, sharing rooms and meals and conversations, improving each other's papers and building relationships. 

Interfaith discussion Ohrid cafe

Group near Lake Ohrid

We are grateful to participant, Enis Doko, for organizing the workshop in his beautiful hometown.

Enis Doko

Enis Doko

Lunch by water

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Rana Dajani and Rob Koons


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