Joel Wendland-Liu

Associate Professor, Liberal Studies Department


Joel Wendland-Liu

Associate Professor, Integrative, Religious, and Intercultural Studies Department

Coordinator of the Intercultural Training Certificate

Email: [email protected]                        

Phone: 331-8192 

Office: 248 Lake Ontario Hall



ITC 100: Introduction to Intercultural Competence

ITC 490: Intercultural Competence Practicum

ITC 495: Culminating Seminar in Intercultural Competence

LIB 301: Interdisciplinary Research Methods

LIB 350: The Immigration Experience in the U.S.

LIB 320: Voices of the Civil Rights Movement

LIB 201: Diversity in the U.S.

LIB 100: Reflect, Connect, Engage


Research interests:


Prof. Wendland-Liu’s first book project, The Collectivity of Life (released in February 2016 by Lexington Books []), challenges dominant myths of meritocratic individualism through an extensive exploration of spatialized identities constructed in the stories people in the late 20th century U.S. told about themselves.


Prof. Wendland-Liu is currently developing a substantial study on racial formation in West Michigan. This project will comparatively study race relations across multiple racial/ethnic communities over time from before its seizure as a French, then British, and then U.S. colony into the present. Rather than a massive compendium of Michigan history, however, the book project will identify and comparatively study particular events that can be used as case studies for re-working theoretical models for understanding race relations. There are three theoretical frameworks that underpin this research and establish my scholarly preparation for this project: racial formation, settler colonialism, and migration regimes. This research combs local history archives in various sites across West Michigan for case studies that exemplify the interaction of these three structures.



Ph.D. American Studies, Washington State University

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