Commitment Area 2: Inclusive Campus Climate

Develop a shared and inclusive understanding of diversity. Create a welcoming campus climate. Foster positive and meaningful interactions across diverse communities.

Team Leads

Accountable: Vice President Jesse Bernal
Co-Leads: Associate Vice President Kathleen VanderVeen & Senior Inclusion and Equity Officer Connie Dang

Campus Climate for/with Students
Accountable: Interim Provost Chris Plouff & Vice President Donta Truss
Co-Leads: Associate Vice President Marlene Kowalski-Braun

Campus Climate for/with Faculty
Accountable: Interim Provost Chris Plouff
Co-Leads: Vice Provost Christine Rener & Professor Alisha Davis

Campus Climate for/with Staff
Accountable: Vice President Greg Sanial
Co-Leads: Dean Annie Bélanger, Associate Vice President Mychal Coleman, & Senior Inclusion & Equity Officer Connie Dang

Initial High-Level Goals

  1. Implement Public Safety and Student Conduct recommendations to ensure students of color are not disproportionately impacted
  2. Participation of all student leaders in peer-to-peer education program
  3. Improvement in Campus Climate Assessment benchmark progress from Fall 2019 (See overall campus climate and classroom climate benchmarks)
  4. Inclusive Leadership Development initiative metrics

Campus Climate Concerns reporting: Additional personnel have been identified to support the Campus Climate Concern response team; VP Bernal has agreed to provide more details to appointing officers (particularly, deans) on trends and individual relevant to campus climate and other I&E-related complaints; the CCC Team has been charged with developing a loopback mechanism to ensure those who report concerns are provided with some closure and reassurance of general steps taken. Contact: Associate Vice President Kathleen VanderVeen

7th myGVSU Campus Climate Survey: The Division of Inclusion and Equity has worked with a UAS task force to refine and finalize a high-level report of the Fall 2019 data. Qualitative analysis has also been completed. The university will conduct its 7th assessment in Fall 2021 to provide a baseline for Reach Higher 2025. Contact: Associate Vice President Kathleen VanderVeen

Focus groups related to campus climate: LGBT employee focus groups and community members with disabilities are underway (as of Winter 2021); at the request of UAS Task Force, additional focus groups will be conducted for select diverse populations of faculty, staff, and students. Contact: Associate Vice President Kathleen VanderVeen

Campus READ related to racial equity: Laker Community READ (Racial Equity and Diversity) approved for Fall 2021. Contacts: Dean Mark Schaub & Associate Vice President Marlene Kowalski-Braun

Division and Unit-level actions: Several units have been inspired by President Mantella’s charge and have advanced their own unit-specific actions. This includes the Division of Student Affairs, Athletics Department, University Development, and the AP Social Justice Committee. Contact: Senior Inclusion & Equity Officer Connie Dang

Committee formed to explore opportunities to use university values to enhance understanding and actions for inclusion and equity. Contacts: Chris McQueen & Michele Coffill

GVSU Police Academy Curriculum: Increase the diversity of the Police Academy enrollment to 20% to more closely reflect the diverse population of Michigan. Utilize the state of Michigan’s Licensing Standards for selection criteria. Embed racial equity and inclusion in the delivery of curriculum including Ethics in Policing, Civil Rights & Human Relations, Cultural Competence, and Unbiased Policing (building a culture of trust through fairness and impartiality). Contact: Brandon DeHaan

Inclusive facilities - Kirkhof “Pit”: Kirkhof staff conducted focus groups with students to discuss furniture selection and how the “pit” and building can be better used; implement changes in Winter 2021. Contact: Ryan Neloms

Monthly meetings with Black students: Identified additional needs and recommendations for actions. Contact: Vice President Jesse Bernal

Inclusive Leadership Development program. Contact: Dean Annie Bélanger, Dean Sherril Soman, Dean Jen Drake

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