IACUC Policies and Procedures

View the current IACUC Handbook of Policies and Procedures to learn about policies governing research and educational activities involving animal subjects at GVSU. 

Handbook: Version History

IACUC Handbook Version 2.0, Effective 7/1/2021

New policies:

  • Policy 1.70: Review and Approval of IACUC Policies
    • This policy describes the process by which IACUC policies will be reviewed and approved.
  • Policy 1.80: Development of Standard Operating Procedures
    • This policy describes the process by which IACUC standard operating procedures (SOPs) will be reviewed and approved.
    • SOPs involving animal care and use must be approved by the IACUC when either: 1) the SOP is referenced in the protocol or 2) the SOP is developed for the GVSU vivarium.
  • Policy 3.60: Animal Procurement
    • This policy governs animal procurement on IACUC protocols.
    • The animal procurement source must be approved by the IACUC.
    • The PI is responsible for recordkeeping related to animal procurement.
    • Procurement records must be kept for one year following submission of the protocol closure report.
  • Policy 3.70: Transportation of Animals
    • This policy governs transportation of animals on IACUC protocols.
    • The policy applies once the PI takes possession of the animal and remains in effect until that possession is transferred or ended.
    • Vehicles used by GVSU researchers to transport animals require IACUC inspection.

Note: If you plan to transport animals in a vehicle within the next 6 months, please contact the ORCI. We will work with the IACUC to coordinate this inspection.

  • Policy 5.70: Closure of IACUC Protocols
    • This policy describes when and how protocols may be closed, and the associated requirements that must be met.
    • Closure forms are required upon completion of a protocol, and must be submitted no later than 30 calendar days following the protocol expiration date.


Revised policies:

  • Policy 1.40: Responsibilities of the IACUC
    • Added statement that the IACUC is responsible for reviewing SOPs related to animal care and use, reflecting new Policy 1.80.
  • Policy 1.60: Institutional Animal Care and Use Policies and Procedures Subcommittee
    • Removed one policy item and one procedure item that are now captured in Policy 1.70.
  • Policy 2.10: IACUC Board Composition
    • Updated Procedures 3.a.i. to clarify nonaffiliated members and their immediate family may not have a current affiliation with GVSU.
  • Policy 3.50: Minimizing Pain and Distress
    • Added a section on sedatives, anesthesia, and analgesia.
    • Records pertaining to the use of sedatives, anesthesia, and analgesia must be kept for one year following protocol closure. (Note that studies involving controlled substances may have longer record retention requirements.)
  • Policy 4.20: IACUC Protocol Submission and Review
    • Updated and clarified DMR procedures.
    • Identified certain experimental procedures that will require FCR.

IACUC Handbook Version 1.0, Effective 1/1/2020

Key updates with this version:

  • Annual continuing reviews will only be required for protocols subjected to USDA oversight. (All protocols are still limited to no more than three-year approval.) [Policy 4.40]
  • Protocol deviations and adverse events must be reported to the IACUC; definitions and examples are given in the handbook. The reporting timeframe is dependent upon the nature of the event. [Policy 5.05]

            Note: A form is currently being developed in IRBManager for this purpose. Until that form is released, please contact the Office of Research Compliance and Integrity (ORCI) directly with this information.

  • Training for personnel on new protocols/personnel additions on existing protocols: All protocol members must complete laboratory safety training. Animal care and use training must be renewed every three years and the medical evaluation form must be renewed every 5 years (or earlier, if a protocol proposes work with a new category of animal not previously disclosed on the medical evaluation form). [Policy 3.20]
  • The IACUC must be notified prior to conducting any educational activity involving live vertebrate animals for demo/display purposes or using live vertebrate animals in research/educational activities in which the animals will not be manipulated. For example, student club activities involving live vertebrate animals. (These activities do not require IACUC approval, but do require IACUC notification.) [Policy 1.10]

            Note: A form is currently being developed in IRBManager for this purpose. Until that form is released, please contact the Office of Research Compliance and Integrity directly with this information.

  • The ORCI is rolling out a post-approval compliance review program for IACUC protocols. [Policy 5.60]
  • Animal adoptions must be approved by the IACUC veterinarian prior to removing the animal from GVSU. [Policy 5.40]
  • The ORCI is able to approve certain amendments involving non-significant changes, most notably personnel additions. [Policy 4.30]
  • Individuals performing only animal husbandry activities need to be listed on the protocol (with the exception of vivarium staff). [Policy 4.10]

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