Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

IRBManager Quickstart

IRBManager Quickstart

To submit documents to the IACUC:

1. Click the IRBManager logo above.

2. Enter your GVSU network ID and password. This will take you to your IRBManager dashboard.

3. To start a brand new submission: Click "Start xForm" under the "Actions" menu (left side of page) on the dashboard. Select the form you wish to submit.

4. To submit an amendment, continuing review, reportable event form, or closure: On the bottom of your dashboard, click on the protocol number of the desired study. This will open the study information page. Click "Start xForm" under the "Actions" menu (left side of page) on the dashboard. Select the form you wish to submit.

The Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC),  an entity of the Office of Research Compliance and Integrity, provides oversight in animal research activities at GVSU.

The Committee's role is to ensure that investigators, research technicians, animal care personnel, and students are properly trained to conduct animal research in a humane manner.

The Committee ensures that all animal research at GVSU is conducted in accordance with IACUC standards and complies with the Public Health Service policies and USDA animal welfare regulations.


New Electronic Submission System

July 07, 2017

IRBManager will be rolled out in mid-to-late September.

IACUC Handbook Updates

January 31, 2017

Selected sections of the IACUC handbook have been recently updated. Click here for details.

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Forms and Guides

If you are looking for forms, they are now housed in IRBManager. Please log into IRBManager and click on "Start xForm" to access a list of forms. (Note: you need to be viewing an active study in IRBManager to access the Continuing Review, Amendment, and Closure Forms.)