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If you are enrolled in a University Medical Plan, you have a free vision benefit offered by PriorityVison. This plan allows you to receive routine preventative eye exams every two years, while saving you money on your eye care purchases. 

Summary of Benefits for Priority Vision Plan

Group Number: 9842899 Network: Select Plan C

Ph: 877.572.4001

Beginning in 2021 the University voluntary vision plan will be through VSP Vision Care. This plan allows you to improve your health through routine eye exams, while saving you money on your eye care purchases. Important Note: Elective Vision coverage is only available during open enrollment. 

GVSU Client ID: 30100707

Member ID #: Will be your Social Security Number

Phone: 800.877.7195

Summary of Benefits for VSP Vision Plan      

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If you are looking for more information about the vision insurance Grand Valley offers, visit our Enrollment and Eligibility page.